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The I2M Web Portal is made available to I2M Clients, Associates, geoscientists and the general public worldwide with a focus on geoscientific and other matters deemed important to I2M management that are listed within the general and specific categories below.  The site contains thousands of online resources including industry and government reports, industry news items, and other sources of information available on the Internet today. I2M Web Portal editors review the selections for relevancy and for bias  providing comments when appropriate.

David Campbell, P.G., I2M’s Vice President and Senior Program Manager, released the new and improved I2M Web Portal early November, 2017. The database contains most of the previous 5,000 records of resources, plus current resources amounting now to almost 7,500 records as of January 14, 2018. The Portal now has a search-by-phrase capability of records extending back to the beginning of the I2M Web Portal in 2009. The Portal also is much faster now than the previous version and has been improved functionality.

The search engine line and a list of topical categories (here), are shown in the screenshot below as an example.

The I2M Web Portal database consists of topical selections that are implemented by the interests of the I2M management, I2M associates, and clients, and are made available as a public service to other geoscientists, and the discerning general public. The topical coverage is illustrated in the graphic provided (here), and by using the zoom-in facility, you will see the coverage involved as of the date cited.

Historical search summaries can now be obtained with the multi-word searches on such topics as the development of the small nuclear reactors (e.g., using the term: SMR, and by filtering for sequential date or relevance), topics related to Russian interests in U.S. uranium, and on new environmental methods and remedial solutions to managing difficult contaminants (e.g., using terms “remedial options“).

An Index to the subjects covered are listed in the Home page under major category headings, while the most recent entries have been captured in the “What’s New” webpage of the I2M Web Portal (past-90-days). Additional information about the content of the web portal is available through the “About the Portal”.

I2M Associates personnel also monitor hazardous field conditions around the world via the Field Alerts program, (see more below), the cyber security conditions via the Security Alert program, (see more below), and the on-going Confronting Media Bias Alerts program, see more below).

Should you have particular candidates for the I2M Web Portal, including reports, announcements, historical or other documents that may be of interest to the I2M management, I2M Associates, I2M Interns,  and to geoscientists in general, please send them by e-mail to: mdc@i2massociates.com

Field Alerts

Through the I2M Web Portal, I2M Associates, LLC has initiated a “Field Alerts” program to advise geoscientists, engineers, and others concerning reports of potential health and safety threats that may be present when personnel are working in the field or when working in, or reporting on, potentially hazardous conditions. As reports are selected by I2M from the general readership, I2M Web Portal editors will consider them for listing as a “Field Alert” via a listing in the I2M Web Portal. Reports will be evaluated as a Field Alert as soon as possible. Please be aware that the editors at I2M Associates, LLC neither guarantee nor imply that all potential hazards will be reported herein.

Security Alerts

A Security Alert program has also been implemented, which will present articles via search results on cyber security and associated issues. The need to protect your own data, documents, and personal information (and those of your company’s) grows everyday as those who either have nothing better to do, or those who are paid by crooks or by hostile governments to create havoc via the Internet. An indication of what is going on in cyberspace is highlighted in the Norse Corporation Attack Map that shows the live activities underway on the Internet now (more). From the tab on the lower part of screen, click Explore. Then click on one or all ten protocols to reveal the current activities. Norse claims that this map shows only a small percentage of the actual attacks.  Wait long enough and you will observe periods where major attacks get underway with hundreds occurring all at once. Individual hacking attempts are probes looking for weaknesses in firewalls, websites, etc.

Confronting Media Bias Alerts

I2M Associates has developed the Confronting Media Bias program as part of the I2M Web Portal for clients and the general public. Since 2005, I2M Associates personnel have noticed an increase in the number of inaccurate and deceptive articles that were produced by various types of media on the subject of nuclear power, uranium exploration and mining, and other associated environmental issues. So have others (more), (more); see the search results for current reports from the I2M Web Portal on nuclear-power matters (more), and especially on the natural gas industry regarding hydraulic fracturing (more). For a summary of the current reports on hydraulic fracturing, see the search results from the I2M Web Portal (here).

The subject biased reports and articles come from the national media, film producers, national and local adversarial groups, local citizens groups and the attorneys who represent them. Although all such articles incorporate the bias of the writer, those selected seem to exhibit many shortcomings in common (e.g., unfounded bias based on greed, political and/or commercial inclinations).  I2M Associates, LLC has agreed to continue to encourage I2M personnel to prepare reviews from their independent perspective and to comment on articles selected through a process involving at least three and perhaps additional Associates and to publish their collective reviews via this I2M Associates web page as an educational contribution to the clients, the regulatory community, and the general public, which are the common targets of media bias. Please note that the opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the owners of I2M Associates, LLC.

Continuing Professional Education

In addition to providing important health and safety, cyber security, and media bias input to you and to the personnel in your company, the time spent on reviewing the above articles and the other technical articles and reports herein may be allowed as credit for online Continuing Professional Education in many state professional licensing programs. Check your state’s professional licensing board for guidance. I2M monitors CPE activities and lists them on the CPE webpage herein (more) for selected I2M personnel. Please note: Not all qualifying CPE activities are reflected there. The individual professional is responsible for maintaining their own record of CPE activities.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above issues or your project needs.

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