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Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth) Committee of the Energy Minerals Division (AAPG) Releases 2016 Mid-Year Report

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Chief Geologist / Chief Hydrogeologist, presented a summary of the 2016 Mid-Year Report of the Uranium (Nuclear and REE) Committee to the Energy Minerals Division‘s Executive Committee and Commodity Chairs during their Mid-Year Teleconference on December 18, 2016. Mr. Campbell is Chair of the UCOM. The full report is now available (here).

I2M Senior Project Manager, M. David Campbell, P.G., also serves as Special Consultant to UCOM.

A number of the I2M Associates are members of the UCOM Advisory Group, i.e., Roger W. Lee, Ph.D., P.G.James L. Conca, Ph.D.David Rowlands, Ph.D., P.G.; and Samuel B. Romberger, Ph.D.

Members of the I2M Associates group are also serving the UCOM as Special Consultants: Ruffin I. Rackley, and Bruce Rubin.

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“Uranium, Thorium, and Associated REEs of Industrial Interest” in Unconventional Energy Resources: 2013 Review

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Chief Geologist/Hydrogeologist has just published a review titled: “Uranium, Thorium, and Associated REEs of Industrial Interest,” in Unconventional Energy Resources: 2013 Review of the Uranium Commodity Committee Activities of the Energy Minerals Division, American Assoc. Petroleum Geologists, in PDF format (see PDF pages 44-61) prior to the release of the paper in the Journal of Natural Resources Research, Vol. 23, No. 1, January Issue, Springer Publishing for the paginated journal article (more).

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