I2M Team Publishes Paper on Gold and Silver Mining Potential in North Vietnam

Members of the the I2M Natural Resources Group (consisting of Michael D. Campbell, I2M’s EVP and Chief Geologist, Roger W. Lee, I2M’s Senior Associate, and M. David Campbell, I2M’s VP and Senior Mining Geologist, just published a paper in the Journal of Geology and Geoscience in London on the mining potential southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam in the Đồi Bù District, Hòa Bình Region (here). The area was visited during January, 2014. The key conclusions of the assessment were that subject area has not been explored in any detail for many decades. The Chinese (pre-1900s), and then later the French (pre-1960s), conducted basic reconnaissance and produced the early maps of the area. During the 1960s and 1970s, the USSR explored the area in some detail via outcrop sampling programs and some drilling, but many sites within the area of interest remain poorly investigated and untested. The general area has received only superficial investigation to date of the obvious fracture zones and associated shallow geological structures. Since the late 1980s, the Vietnamese Geological Survey and associated universities have undertaken the systematic assembly and cataloging of all available geological, geophysical, and mining information on the reported minerals present in Vietnam, almost all of which is in Vietnamese.

Based on the samples taken from outcrop, evaluated, and tested at an international laboratory, the authors […]

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I2M Supporting Mineral Exploration and Mining Opportunities in Vietnam

Jeffrey D. King, P.G., I2M’s President and CEO also announced this afternoon at the Seattle office that I2M is supporting Vietnam by providing technical advice and investigations on existing mining and exploration projects (more). I2M, in cooperation with Mr. Oliver Massmann, General Director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC. (more), will be discussing mineral exploration and mining opportunities in Vietnam with the government and international companies regarding the country’s widely under explored and undeveloped natural resources as well as environmental issues currently impacting the country’s groundwater resources.

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Confronting Media and other Bias against Uranium Exploration and Mining, Nuclear Power, and Associated Environmental Issues

I2M Associates, LLC has updated and re-released the 2007 position paper in PDF format on combating news media bias against uranium exploration, mining, and domestic nuclear power for generating electricity. I2M will continue to encourage those interested in examining media bias to submit examples from the media of such bias (more).

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SE Asian Mining & Environmental Evaluations

I2M Principals and staff were on the go in SE Asia in January. Jeffrey D. King, P.G., I2M’s President and CEO, and Stephen W. Duggan, I2M’s Construction Manager, have just returned from an extended visit to Cambodia where they are evaluating properties for possible acquisition and becoming familiar with the country’s mining and environmental laws and regulations.

I2M’s Chief Geologist, Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H. and I2M’s Senior Geologist, M. David Campbell, P.G., also just returned from a 10-day evaluation for a client of existing mines and associated geology in SE Asia that have historical production of gold, silver and base metals.

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Strategic Minerals, plc. shipping magnetite to U.S. and Asian markets

Strategic Minerals, plc., an I2M Client, has begun to ship magnetite to U.S. and Asian markets from the Cobre Mine in New Mexico (more1). SM earlier announced favorable results from their drilling program at the Iron Glen project located in NE Queensland encountering high-quality magnetite but also significant silver, lead, zinc, and copper from an associated mineralized trend at the Lead Belly prospect NW of the Iron Glen pit (more2). I2M prepared the CPR in 2011 for SM as part of their entry to the London AIM (more3). I2M also prepared the application for Iron Glen’s Mineral Development License in 2012, which was subsequently approved by the Queensland Government to place Iron Glen on a fast track to production as the resources are identified and evaluated.

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Reviews on the Navajo uranium mining clean-up around Cove, Arizona

Jeffrey D. King, P.G., President of I2M Associates, LLC announced today that the company has released for publication the 25th Review on the Navajo uranium mining clean-up around Cove, Arizona, the 26th Review considering the existing ban on uranium mining in Virginia, and the 27th Review of the adversarial views on the Colorado and South Dakota uranium mining projects, all part of the I2M series on combating bias in the U.S. news and Internet media against uranium mining and nuclear power development for generating electricity in the U.S. and overseas (more).

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Wishbone Gold plc (WBG) independent technical support provided

I2M Associates, LLC recently provided independent technical support to one of its clients, Wishbone Gold plc (WBG), to review press releases to the London AIM Stock Exchange on new information regarding their exploration projects for gold and other metals in Queensland, Australia. These announced that WBG is acquiring additional adjacent land holdings in the subject area, and that laboratory analyses from earlier preliminary reconnaissance sampling have shown encouraging results. The releases came after the recent publication of two I2M’s reports (CPRs) on the WBG’s original holdings in July, 2012 (see Press Releases of September 24 and September 17, 2012), (more).

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40-day fact-finding tour of Africa

Jeffrey D. King, P.G., President and Senior Project Manager of I2M, returned from a 40-day fact-finding tour of Africa. His stops included Monrovia, Liberia; Lusaka, Zambia, Harare, Zimbabwe and Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. He found Monrovia to be a thriving city, especially after the recent elections. The in-county individuals he met were especially gracious and accommodating. Mining investments and operations are expanding rapidly in Liberia and opportunity is apparent. He found Zambia, and Zimbabwe to be extremely impressive with joyful, hard working and industrious people who if trained properly would be excellent workers. Even with the discussions of nationalization and other proposed policy changes by the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa the country continues to bustle with new and old mining activities and opportunities. In summary he reports that given positive local relationships, the countries visited still offer very viable mining opportunities.

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Mexico City mineral exploration and mining activity meetings

Michael D. Campbell, VP and Chief Geologist of I2M returns from a two-day meeting with government officials in Mexico City regarding I2M’s entry into the mineral exploration and mining activities in Mexico. He reports that Mexico has taken huge steps in attracting foreign investments in mining, and the world is responding (see MP4).

Note: Users will need to have Quicktime installed, which can be downloaded for free from Mr. Campbell made numerous presentations after the visit to Mexico City.

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