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Susan Evans, Senior Geological Associate and Project ManagerSeattle, Washington


M.S., Geology, Emphasis on Geochemistry, (1986) – Portland State University
B.S., Geology, (1983) – Portland State University

Professional Registration

Professional Geologist, Idaho PGL-1012

Relevant Experience and Employment History

Susan has twenty-six years of experience in design, execution and management of geological and environmental projects. Her environmental and management experience includes private, commercial, and government sector projects. She has determined permitting strategies, developed baseline characterization sampling plans, and coordinated the requirements of state agencies, various federal landowner agencies, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Susan has met and worked with NRC and state regulators to present potential upcoming in-situ mine license applications and potential mill license applications for operations in both New Mexico and Wyoming.

Susan has worked on CERCLA sites for both private and government clients from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Pacific Northwest. Her work has included all phases of CERCLA projects from initial site investigation and ranking to researching potentially responsible parties through remedial investigations/feasibility studies (RI/FS), drafting of records of decision (RODs), and managing the remedial design/remedial action (RD/RA). Susan has performed environmental restoration work at eight federal facilities, each with a different consent agreement. At the DOE Idaho National Laboratory (INL), she worked closely with DOE, EPA, and the State regulators to draft a ROD to build the ICDF landfill. She then worked on portions of the RD/RA for implementing the ROD, including writing the waste acceptance criteria for the landfill. Susan was also a co-author for the RD/RA guidance for implementing RODs at the INL.

2009-2011: Consultant to CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) on Hanford Site
Susan coordinated multiple disciplinary teams in developing Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study work plans for the Outer Area of the Central Plateau, Hanford Site. Susan assisted CHPRC in developing budgets and schedules for CERCLA deliverable documents. She worked with DOE, EPA, and Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE) to develop project objectives and strategy. She wrote appropriate sections of documents and coordinated production of documents and deliverables.

2005-2009 Lead, Uranium Permitting and Environmental Activities, Strathmore Minerals
In 2005 Susan began working with Strathmore Minerals to develop permits for new uranium mines in New Mexico and Wyoming. As the Lead for Permitting and Environmental work, Susan developed strategies to obtain NRC Licenses and state mine permits for properties selected to be moved forward from exploration into the mine and operations phases. She determined all requirements for exploration permits, mine permits, NRC licenses, and related documents such as Environmental Reports and Environmental Impact Statements. She worked with the Vice President of Technical Services and Vice President of Government Affairs to coordinate permitting and licensing approach. Susan coordinated work with geologists and hydrogeologists to ensure that data necessary for permit and license applications were obtained. She developed schedules for each project to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. She coordinated collection of required environmental data and drafting of permits and supporting documents (wildlife, vegetation, air quality, meteorology, soils, geology and hydrology etc). Susan also coordinated all required environmental and waste management plans required to initiate operations at a mine once a permit is obtained.

2003-2005 Manager, Offsites Project
At the Nevada Test Site, Susan managed the Nevada Offsites: Eight sites in five states where underground nuclear tests had been performed. Each state has a different agreement with NNSA/NSO, and each site is in a different phase of remediation and/or closure. She was responsible for lifecycle baseline planning, developing basis of estimates, and schedules for all eight projects.

2000-2003 Q Environmental, LLC, CERCLA projects

  • INEEL, WAG 1, OU 1-10 RD/RA Work Plan Addendum March, 2003. Susan was the author of this RD/RA WP addendum for early remedial action at Test Area North. She wrote the work plan and coordinated with authors of supporting documents (Waste Management Plan, Field Sampling Plan).
  • INEEL, Waste Area Group (WAG) 3, OU 3-13 Group 3, Other Surface Soils, Prioritization and Site Grouping Report: Susan evaluated the history of the Group 3 sites, including the impact of utilities and other potential obstructions to remediation. She was a contributing author to several sections of this Group 3 document.
  • INEEL, CERCLA Remedial Design /Remedial Action Guidance Support: Susan was a co-author of the INEEL/GDE-72, Guide for Remedial Design and Remedial Action. This document was written for project managers implementing the CERCLA Records of Decision as part of the Federal Facilities Agreement/Consent Order. The guidance described the process of planning the project, schedule and budget, developing the required CERCLA design and work plan execution documents, and performing the remedial action.
  • Hanford, ER Support: In support of the ER program, Susan developed or assisted in development of several Data Quality Objectives (DQO) documents to determine the sampling and analytical needs for waste disposition from drilling projects. The work covered both RCRA and CERCLA projects.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL): RCRA RFI Support: Susan performed a focused data review of two material disposal areas (MDAs) at LANL to determine if the available data were sufficient to make recommendations for no further action or if a voluntary corrective action should be conducted.
  • INEEL, CERCLA Disposal Facility (ICDF) Regulatory and geochemical support: Susan provided regulatory support to the CH2MHill Constructors team for this design/build contract. Regulatory support included ARARs interpretation for design and operations. Susan was lead author on the waste acceptance criteria (WAC) for the ICDF Landfill and Evaporation Pond, and for the document determining if a permeable reactive barrier was necessary as part of the landfill design. These documents involved integrating the work of groundwater modelers, geochemists, and risk assessors to determine the maximum acceptable levels of contaminants that will not generate a risk to human health (via groundwater), worker safety, or the environment.
  • INEEL, WAG 3 Support: At the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC), Susan worked with North Wind Environmental to coordinate Decontamination and Demolition (D&D) activities with CERCLA requirements for buildings that overly CERLCA sites. This work coordinated RCRA, CERCLA, and D&D programs for closures of buildings overlying CERCLA sites.

1997-2000 DOE Idaho
CERCLA RD/RA Manager Waste Area Group 3, LMITCO/BBWI
CERCLA Project Manager, Waste Area Group 3, LMITCO
Idaho National Environmental Engineering Laboratory
As Waste Area Group 3 Project Manager, Susan prepared annual funding request managed scope, schedule and cost of WAG 3 activities. She was involved in development of both remedial investigation and remedial action decision negotiations. As WAG manager she worked with DOE-ID, EPA Region 10, and Idaho DEQ and was instrumental in drafting the Record of Decision for the Idaho CERCLA Disposal Facility (ICDF) landfill. Susan’s CERCLA project included integration with other programs and working on an operating facility. She coordinated with INTEC Operations, Landlord, and DOE facility management to ensure communication.

1995-1997 Rocky Mountain Remediation Services DOE Rocky Flats, Colorado
Remediation Services Manager, RMRS
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, Colorado
As Remediation Services Manager, Susan managed a group of 45 professionals including geologists, geochemists, risk assessors, engineers, ecologists, technical editors, database managers, geographical information system specialists, and document control personnel. This group supported the ER and combined RCRA/CERCLA Environmental Monitoring programs at RFETS.

1992-1994 DOE Idaho, for Morrison Knudsen Corporation
CERCLA Remedial Program Manager, INEL Idaho Falls, Idaho
As Remedial Program Manager for RD/RA at the INEEL, Susan managed the project managers responsible for the cleanup of the various Operable Units within each area. She was directly involved in formulating and negotiating the cleanup approach and strategy for each Operable Unit, and was technical reviewer of all RD/RA deliverables including resolution of DOE, EPA, and State comments on all deliverables. She was responsible for development and implementation of RD/RA activities, which involved hazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste at the INEEL site. She provided interface between the WAG managers in coordination of lessons learned as each Operable Unit progresses through the FFA/CO remediation process.

1991-1992 Director of Environmental Services, Earth Consultants Corporation
Bellevue, Washington
Susan was responsible for management of a small group of environmental professionals, overseeing a range of environmental projects for private clients. Susan directed project management, technical, administrative, and subcontractor personnel.

1989-1991 Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager, Morrison Knudsen Corporation
Bellevue, Washington
Susan was Lead hydrogeologist and MK Project Manager in designing the source and vadose zone investigations for the Hanford 100-BC-1 Operable Unit CERCLA RI/FS Work Plan Federal Facilities CERCLA Sites – As a consultant to the Federal Facilities branch of WDOE in Olympia, Susan interpreted Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) issues as applied to Federal CERCLA sites in Vancouver and Bangor, Washington.

1987-1989 Hydrogeologist, and Project Manager ENTRIX Corporation
Walnut Creek, California

1985-1987 Hydrogeologist, ERM-Southwest
Houston, Texas

1984 Exploration Geochemist, Boise Cascade Corporation
Boise, Idaho

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