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In addition to a range of environmental investigations (Complex Phase I and Phase II investigations involving groundwater contamination), the personnel of I2M Associates, LLC also provide for the geological and engineering needs of the mining industry for independent assessments of existing mining operations or exploration programs involving a range mineral commodities, i.e, gold, silver, base metals, phosphate, potash, uranium, and other commodities. These activities often involve N-43-101 and Competent Persons reports, as well as in-house confidential reports to management regarding potential mergers or acquisitions. I2M personnel also have extensive experience in environmental investigations and assessments involving the petrochemical, oil and gas, and other heavy industries. For selected examples, see (more).

I2M also provides Tier I and II environmental consultants (i.e., large national and local groups) with temporary confidential adjunct sources of management of Principal-, Senior- and Project-level geological and hydrogeological support on RCRA, CERCLA and other environmental projects in the U.S.

With many years of national and worldwide experience, the personnel at I2M Associates have completed numerous investigations and projects, many of which remain confidential, for consulting companies, industry, and government agencies in the U.S. and overseas. These projects have also involved management services (senior oversight, project staff augmentation, and project QA/QC for major consulting companies), dispute resolution, as well as other functions and responsibilities in a range of activities involving numerous environmental and geotechnical projects, including Brownfields projects, mining projects, hydrogeological investigations of contamination sources, groundwater remediation planning, design and analysis, groundwater supply and mine dewatering assessments, resource development and facility maintenance projects.

I2M Associates offers demonstrated technical expertise led by senior professionals who have maintained professional standing in industry for many years; some I2M Associates personnel have more than 50 years of professional activity in the environmental, water supply and mining fields. I2M Associates offer substantial professional experience to the client. In addition, an extensive network is maintained of additional independent scientific and engineering associates to draw on who are capable of providing specialized project support to I2M Associates projects when needed.

The I2M Associates’ senior professionals serve as editors for the I2M Web Portal (previously known as the IET Web Portal), as well as in various pro bono roles in a number of professional societies and associations. Over the years, the I2M Associates team has brought extensive experience, proven integrity, and demonstrated resourcefulness to client projects. Using the latest technology and online information gathering and presentation techniques, the I2M Associates team provides clients, industry and other consultants, as well as attorneys, with strong support in developing optimum solutions for projects and cases.

I2M Associates, LLC began a new “Field Alerts” program in July, 2013 involving the I2M Web Portal designed to advise geoscientists and others concerning potential health threats when working in the field. As reports come in to I2M Web Portal personnel, they will list them collectively as “A Field Alert” via a link (here) and via a Navigation Tab on top right of the I2M web page as Web Portal, which leads to the subject list of Alerts (here).

I2M Associates Project Management provides:

Environmental Project Audits, Oversight and Review Project Management

Environmental Investigations (RCRA/CERCLA)
Mineral Exploration and Mine Development
Remedial Design and Implementation (RCRA/CERCLA)
Feasibility/Economic Analyses (RCRA/CERCLA)
Litigation Support

Environmental Assessments

Real Estate Transactions (CERCLA)
Property Environmental Evaluations & Transfers (RCRA/CERCLA)
Brownfield Projects
Banking Transactions (CERCLA)

Mine Planning (EAs) and Litigation Support
Hydrogeologic Investigations: Contaminant Transport Analysis and GroundWater Modeling
Hazardous Waste (RCRA/CERCLA) Investigations
Water Resources Investigations
Geothermal Energy Investigations (here)
Mine Dewatering and Litigation Support

Field Program Execution

Monitoring Well-Site Supervision
Hydrogeological Surveys
Data Collection and Interpretation
Evaluation and Remediation of Contamination
Source Identification (brine, organics, inorganics)
Radioactivity Surveys and Evaluations
Phase I and II Investigations
Remediation Design, Review and Evaluations
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (CERCLA)
Hazardous Waste Characterization and System Design (RCRA/CERCLA)
Effectiveness Analysis of System Operation and Maintenance and Litigation Support

Water and Mineral Resource Investigations

Groundwater Supply Development
Groundwater Protection Plans
Energy and Mineral Resource Property Evaluations
Mineral Exploration and Property Evaluations
Mining Property Reserve Analyses
Environmental Impact Studies and Litigation Support

For a brief review of typical I2M Associates projects, see Client Project Summaries.

Other I2M-Sponsored projects are presented (here).

Additional example projects and services:

Interim presentations in various stages of preparation:

  • on the Growth Faulting and Subsidence in and around Houston, Texas,
  • review of Liability and Loss Prevention in Environmental Consulting,
  • on the Hydrogeologic Risks of Radioactive Constituents, Natural Gases, and Growth Faults Impacting Public Water Supplies, Houston, Texas.
  • on the Mineralization and Magnetics of a Proposed, Recently Discovered Possible Impact Crater, Alaska,
  • on Water-Table Fluctuations in Response to Loading by Precipitation, Houston, Texas.
  • on Water-Supply Contamination by Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Activities in West Texas.
  • on Hydrochemical Sampling of Water Wells in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.
  • on Ground-Water Contamination by BTEX and MTBE in Southern Indiana.
  • on E. coli Contamination in a Rural Setting in the Northwest U.S.
  • on Natural Arsenic, Mercury and Antimony Contamination in an Area of Precious Metal Mineralization near Eureka, Nevada.
  • other topics based on litigation support for the environmental, geotechnical and mining industries.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project needs or to arrange a speaking engagement by one of our Associates for a professional training session, a technical conference, society meeting, or for a graduation ceremony or other function where the knowledge and experience of our Associates may be of interest to your group.

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I2M Associates, LLC offers experienced engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and other scientists with many years in environmental assessments, including remediation management, mineral exploration and mining, project management, and mergers and acquisitions. Related areas of expertise include forensic and feasibility studies in the environmental and mining industries, and environmental site assessments, due diligence assessments, and impact assessments in addition to brownfield redevelopment and management (as well as grant application assistance) in the U.S, and for state and the U.S. governments, and the legal community around the U.S.

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