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Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G., joined with I2M Associates, LLC as a Senior Engineering Associate in late 2011 after retiring from Earth Resources Management (ERM). In April, 2016, he was elected President of I2M Associates, LLC based in Houston, Texas. He is also serving as Chief Engineer of I2M operations.

Thirty years providing consulting services to private and industrial and commercial clients, with a focus on industrial site remediation and redevelopment, including strategizing funding and directing “brownfields” remediation and managing “Super (Waste) Fund” site cleanup and redevelopment. Expertise includes industrial site selection and permitting, with a focus on refineries and chemical complexes, water management (waste water & cooling water, and industrial wastes and seepage), surface water permitting, air permitting and emission controls, fuel selection, air modeling, water-supply development, oil and gas development and permitting, facility demolition and decommissioning, environmental impact assessment and environmental engineering services.

Managed and/or directed Superfund site assessments and/or remediation for over 40 locations, including internationally. Provided due diligence assessments for expansions and acquisitions of facilities in China, Pacific Rim, Africa and Latin America and Europe. Supported operations integration and redevelopment permitting. Mr. Bost has withstood regulatory challenges and has led M&A Due Diligence Teams for multiple clients.

Mr. Bost has some twenty years of experience in mining, utility and industrial environmental engineering and subsurface evaluations. He served as Principal Investigator for ERM in the development of mine plans, mine dewatering studies, remedial investigations, groundwater recovery and clean up and site-closure plans, including detailed design, construction drawings, construction sequence, safety and post-closure plans as well providing management of EIAs, Superfund RI/FSs, design and implementation of wastewater treatment systems and site remediation systems, lignite mining impact evaluation and permitting, RCRA Part B, and NPDES and air permitting. He has provided expert testimony on a range of small to large site investigations and remediation, risk assessment and allocation of liability. He was one of leaders of ERM’s Merger and Acquisition practice for oil and gas and alternative energy sectors for the past 10 years. He was also one of leaders of ERM’s Geoscience and Remediation practice for the past 15 years.

He also has conducted numerous investigation on industrial risk, environmental compliance, and other environmental engineering services, primarily for the oil and gas, petrochemical and related service company industries.

He is considered an expert in historically accepted practices and evolution of environmental regulations in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Mr. Bost has withstood Daubert-like challenges as testifying expert in multiple cases, in South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Designated expert for cases in over 32 states. Lead expert teams for major plaintiff tort claim cases on behalf of PPI, Vertac, Hardage, Koppers, Conoco and Kerr McGee. Designed remedial plans for chromium and other metals in soils and ground water, chlorinated solvent and petroleum hydrocarbon plumes in complex settings. Utilized modeling to document effectiveness of active remediation and passive in situ bioremediation. Background level sampling and source forensics for multiple projects. Developed advanced site investigation and groundwater remediation technologies. Engineering and permitting for chemical plants, refineries, pipelines, terminals. and power plants. Provided testimony in two federal cases in which Federal Judge overturned EPA remedy selection.

Mr. Bost has substantial experience in water supply, public utility, oil and gas, and industrial environmental engineering evaluations. Principal investigator for development of water supplies, water-treatment systems, spill site, groundwater recovery and clean up and site remediation plans, including detailed design, construction drawings, construction sequence, safety and post closure plans. Management of Environmental Impact Assessments and Superfund RI/FSs. Designed and managed construction of water-supply wells, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment systems and site remediation systems, lignite mine dewatering well fields, and related permitting. Testified as an expert in State and Federal Court; testimony was considered instrumental in precedent-setting decisions.

He has conducted feasibility studies for geothermal, coal gasification, and alternative fuel and power generation projects in US, South America, and Asia Pacific. He also has conducted numerous Environmental Impact Assessments for new oil and gas field developments in Africa, combined with permitting and siting, planning, fuel selection, transmission analysis and economic evaluations for 1,000 MW power generating complex.

Mr. Bost has provided coal-prospect assessments, mine planning, and permitting for over 20 projects in U.S. and South America. He also has managed power system planning projects for southern U.S. utilities and has provided comprehensive scoping studies for environmental assessments of the 75 square mile Jasper Unit of Tri-State Mining Area for private parties as part of a U.S. Superfund Program investigation. For additional information, see his CV and selected publications.

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