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Houston, Texas
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  • M.E. Environmental Engineering – Rice University (1978)
  • B.A. Environmental Sciences and Engineering – Rice University (1976)
  • Completed graduate course work in Public Health Studies, Urban Health – University of Texas (1977-78)
  • Recipient or research for NSF, EPA, HEW, Texas Air Control Board and API research grants
  • Research application reviewer for National Science Foundation
  • Health and safety courses (EPA Order 1440.2) – National Spill Control Schools, University of Corpus Christi
  • National Science Research grant recipient
  • EPA and State Air Permitting and compliance courses
  • Graduate research regarding air lead, ambient monitoring and transportation, air emission control alternatives
  • Health and safety courses (EPA Order 1440.2), National Spill Control Schools, University of Corpus Christi
  • Medical Training, U.S. Army


  • Registered Professional Engineer (PE – Environmental #59814) in the State of Texas
  • Registered Professional Geoscientist (PG – Soil Science #6270) in the State of Texas

Honors and Awards

  • 2009 Knobbey Award for Community Service
  • 2004 Houston Community Partner Award for Brownfield Redevelopment
  • 2002 Outstanding Engineering Alumnus Award- Rice University
  • 2002 Houston Synergy Honoree and Community Program Founders Award
  • 2001 Hugh Scott Cameron Community Service Award
  • 2001 ERM Excellence Award for Advancements in Environmental Forensics Fingerprinting
  • 2001 Houston Community Partner Award for Brownfield Redevelopment
  • 2001 Houston Latino Learning Center Community Service
  • 2000 Award for Eastwood Redevelopment Project
  • 1999 Boy Scouts of America: Eagle, God and Country, Order of the Arrow
  • 1998 ERM Excellence Award for Advancements in EHS Portfolio Liability Management
  • 1997 ERM Excellence Award in Risk-Based Decision Making

Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Energy Minerals Division
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Air & Waste Management Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers
  • Society Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
  • American Statistical Association

Fields of Concentrated Experience

  • Environmental and chemical engineering
  • Project management
  • Geographical information systems
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Natural resource damage assessment
  • Ground water remedial investigations and feasibility studies
  • NPDES, RCRA, Section 404/10 and air permitting
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Public health and ecological risk assessments
  • Civil and remediation construction management
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Response and Spill Cleanup
  • Air emission controls, remediation and environmental engineering
  • Occupational risk, comparative risk analyses, human health and ecological risk assessments, natural resource damage assessments
  • Geochemical analyses and fingerprinting
  • Advanced remediation systems, especially chlorinated solvent plumes
  • Natural attenuation and in situ bioremediation assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Waste site remedial investigations and feasibility studies, remedial management
  • Public health, epidemiology and environmental assessments
  • Air studies and air permitting

Summary of Experience

Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G. joined I2M Associates in late 2011 after serving with ERM for more than 30 years. Mr. Bost has twenty years of experience in mining, utility and industrial environmental engineering and hydrogeologic evaluations. He served as Principal Investigator for development of mine plans, mine dewatering studies, remedial investigations, groundwater recovery and clean up and site-closure plans, including detailed design, construction drawings, construction sequence, safety and post-closure plans as well providing management of EIAs, Superfund RI/FSs, design and implementation of wastewater treatment systems and site remediation systems, lignite mining impact evaluation and permitting, RCRA Part B, and NPDES and air permitting. He has provided expert testimony on a range of small to large site investigations and remediation, risk assessment and allocation of liability. He was one of leaders of ERM’s Merger and Acquisition practice for oil and gas and alternative energy sectors for the past 10 years. He is also one of leaders of ERM’s Geoscience and Remediation practice for the past 15 years.

He also has conducted numerous investigation on industrial risk, environmental compliance, hydrogeologic, hydrologic and other environmental engineering services, primarily for the oil and gas, petrochemical and related service company industries. Considered an expert in historically accepted practices and evolution of environmental regulations in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Mr. Bost has withstood Daubert-like challenges as testifying expert in multiple cases, in South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Designated expert for cases in over 32 states. Lead expert teams for major plaintiff tort claim cases on behalf of PPI, Vertac, Hardage, Koppers, Conoco and Kerr McGee. Designed remedial plans for chromium and other metals in soils and groundwater, chlorinated solvent and petroleum hydrocarbon plumes in complex and multiple-aquifers settings. Utilized modeling to document effectiveness of active remediation and passive in situ bioremediation. Background level sampling and source forensics for multiple projects. Developed advanced site investigation and groundwater remediation technologies. Engineering and permitting for chemical plants, refineries, pipelines, terminals. and power plants. Provided testimony in two federal cases in which Federal Judge overturned EPA remedy selection.

Mr. Bost has substantial experience in public utility, oil and gas, and industrial environmental engineering and associated evaluations. Principal investiga­tor for development of water treatment systems, spill site ground water investigations, groundwater recovery and clean up and site remediation plans, including detailed design, construction drawings, construction sequence, safety and post closure plans. Management of Environmental Impact Assessments and Superfund RI/FSs. Designed and managed construction of water supply wells, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment systems and site remediation systems, lignite mine dewatering well fields, and related permitting. Testified as an expert in State and Federal Court; testimony was considered instrumental in precedent-setting decisions.

He has conducted feasibility studies for geothermal, coal gasification, and alternative fuel and power generation projects in U.S., South America, and Asia Pacific. He also has conducted numerous Environmental Impact Assessments for new oil and gas field developments in Africa, combined with permitting and siting, planning, fuel selection, transmission analyses and economic evaluations for 1,000 MW power generating complex.

Bost has provided coal-prospect assessments, mine planning, and permitting for over 20 projects in U.S. and South America. He also has managed power system planning projects for southern U.S. utilities and has provided comprehensive scoping studies for environmental assessments of the 75 square mile Jasper Unit of Tri-State Mining Area for private parties as part of a U.S. Superfund Program investigation.

During 1992 to 1996, Mr. Bost served as a Primary Lecturer for the Institute of Environmental Technology in Houston, Texas.

Selected Publications

Bost, R.C., 2017,  “Remediation Best Practices in Light of EPA / World Bank / Equator Principles: Findings from U.S. Experience and International “Brownfield” Sites,” presented before the 9th International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, January 9-12, 2017 in New Orleans, La. (Program), and (Presentation).

Bost, R. C., 2016, “Health, Safety and Environmental Update on H2S and CO2 Injection and Sequestration,” at the ShaleTech Canada Conference, April 18-20, (more) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, PDF (here)

Bost, R. C., L. K. Magyar, and M. D. Campbell, 2015, “Environmental, Health, and Property Damage Issues Raised by Litigants Opposing Hydraulic Fracturing and Oil and Gas Production in Texas,” Gas Mexico Congress and Exhibition, GMC15 – 149, 8 p. (here).

Campbell, M. D., M. David Campbell, H. M. Wise, and R. C. Bost, 2014, Growth Faulting and Subsidence in the Houston, Texas Area, has been completed and released after more than 10 years of research and discussions among the geological community in the Houston area (more). The Guide is consistent with the goals of the IET-I2M Sponsored Research Program (more) established in the mid-1990s to provide ongoing technical support to the graduates of the IET program and other interested professionals within the Houston Geological Society and to members of the AIPG in Texas and elsewhere.

Bost, R. C., et al. 2008. A series of papers on sustainability, scientific basis for climate change, alternative energy development, carbon sequestration, biofuel project development, international permitting, environmental compliance, remediation, environmental forensics, and new issues to address in transaction due diligence assessments, etc.,, (here).

Bost, R. C., et al. 2007. A series of papers on alternative energy environmental compliance, air quality control options for petroleum refineries, remediation, environmental forensics, remediation and liability assessments.

Bost, R. C., 2006. Selection and Management of Environmental Experts, in Perchlorate Litigation, 2006, invited chapter.

Bost, R. C., 2005. “Optimizing the Effectiveness of Chemical Oxidation in a Clayey Environment”. Proceedings, Conference on Recalcitrant Substance Remediation.

Campbell, M. D. and R. C. Bost, 2004-2005. Three-Part Paper on “Effect of Daubert in Improving the Work of Geoscientific Investigations and Remedial Evaluations”, National Ground Water Assoc./ABA Proceedings (Part 1), (Part II), and (Part III).

Bradley III, D. D. Perry, R. G., and Bost, R. C., 1999. Chemical Fingerprinting. ERM Excellence Technical Award Winner.

Bost, R. C., L. M. Burris, 1998. Latino Learning Center: A Brownfields Success Story. – Glasgow, December. Texas VCP News published by VCP Program of the TNRCC.

Bost, R. C., T. H. Hall, June 1998. Use of Statistical Procedures to Aid in Waste Classification at a Federal Superfund Site. ERM Excellence Award Winner.

Bost, R. C., September 19, 1996. The Who, What, Where, When & How of Spills & Release Reporting. Executive Enterprises, New Orleans, LA.

Bost, R. C., K. R. Schroeder, and M. C. Stuckey. September 19, 1996. Overview of Corrective Action and Land Disposal Restrictions. Executive Enterprises.

Bost, R. C., and G. T. Donnan, T. D. Pacioni, B. C. Robison, J. W. Weishuhn, T. M. Whitehurst, July 10, 1996. General Environmental Services, City of Houston, Department of Public Works and Engineering.

Bost, R.C., 1996. “Hydrogeologic and Geochemical Considerations in Chemical Fingerprinting for Identification of Sources of Releases”. Institute of Environmental Technology, Houston, Texas.

Bost, R. C. and T. Barber, 1996. Intrinsic (Passive) Bioremediation, Houston Geological Society invited lecture.

Campbell, M. D. and R. C. Bost, 1993-1996. Compendium of Lectures in Environmental Technology, Institute of Environmental Technology, Houston, Texas.

Bost, R.C., July 1996. “Consistency with the National Contingency Plan, A Requirement for Real Estate Claims Against Contributors to Pollution”, Environmental Strategies for Real Estate.

Bost, R. C., May 1996. “Environmental Risk Assessments: Achieving Acceptable Cleanup Levels at Lower Cost”, Environmental Strategies for Real Estate, Volume 3, No. 8, Westwood, New Jersey.

Bost, R. C., April 2, 1996. Enhancement of Intrinsic (In Situ) Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents, Sponsored by U.S. Air Force in Cooperation with Battelle, et al.

Bost, R. C., January 18, 1996. “Role of Risk-Based Corrective Action in Property Transactions”, ASCE Annual Environmental Conference, Houston Branch.

Bost, R. C., 1996. “Risk-Based Cleanup of Industrial Properties”, Journal of Hydrology, also given at joint US-Former CCSU, Washington, D.C.

Project Experience
Selected Industry Projects

  • Led alternative energy development planning for commercial facility with tie-in to public electric company.
  • Evaluated engineering and economic limitations to expansion of power generation complex in Texas.
  • Provided sustainability planning support for new commercial development and brownfield redevelopment projects sponsored by City of Houston.
  • Led new facility siting, engineering design, construction planning and LEED evaluation, including energy reduction evaluations for three new commercial facilities in Houston.
  • Led due diligence assessments for energy projects in multiple countries.
  • Evaluated energy reduction and carbon credit candidate projects for a prospective buyer of operations in confidential locations.
  • Directed energy and sustainability evaluation for prospective purchase of energy project in the Caribbean region.
  • Directed due diligence assessment for investor review of candidate expansion project in South America.
  • Provided due diligence services in support of multi-million to multi-billion dollar acquisitions in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, South America, the Middle East and the Far East.
  • Conducted multi-million liability and compliance assessment in support of a $7 billion energy acquisition.
  • Performed due diligence assessments for acquisition of 13 specialty petrochemical manufacturing operations in Argentina as part of a billion dollar acquisition.
  • Assessed compliance and operational economics and upgrade requirements for Lignite mining operations in Texas for multiple clients.
  • Assessed state-of-the-art for the Biofuels Industry for a major alternative energy company.
  • Conducted global economic assessment of the state-of-the-art for alternative energy industry and provided multi-nation assessment and prospective assessment for Venture Capital group.
  • Worked as part of team preparing energy related patent applications.
  • Served as Senior Consultant to cogeneration development company.
  • Provided expert testimony regarding hydrogeologic characterization and remedial requirements for Superfund Sites with complex geology and mass transport pathways in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.
  • Prepared Expert reports and affidavits supported state and federal court decisions regarding cost recovery cases in Texas, California, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina.
  • Withstood Daubert-like challenges in federal courts in California, Oregon, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas regarding risk, property damage claims, and accepted practices, and assisted over a dozen clients obtain successful court rulings or reasonable settlements regarding alleged and non-compliance matters.
  • Provided expert testimony in several state and federal cases regarding accepted practices, environmental regulations, remediation, comparative risk, and air and hydrogeologic issues.
  • Withstood Daubert-like challenges in federal courts in South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas regarding historical accepted practices and environmental regulatory issues and risks at Federal Superfund sites and non-Superfund sites.
  • Managed water studies, raw material studies, and site and fuel selection for new industrial developments, alternative fuel and economic siting studies and permitting for facilities in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rocky Mountain states, Alaska, Pacific Coast, and Latin America.
  • Performed due diligence and compliance audits for oil and gas facilities, pipelines, oil field service company facilities, and terminals in multiple states in the U.S.
  • Assessed issues related to releases of chromium and other metals, sulfuric acid and high sulfate discharges, and degreasing solvents from plating operations, manufacturing and fabricating activities, and from deterioration of specialty steels and pipe/valve cutting operations.
  • Ground water modeling assessment of historical sources of releases, migration pathways, and natural attenuation capacity for ground water plumes at over 300 sites in Southern U.S.
  • Critiqued plaintiffs’ hydrogeologic and risk/IH expert reports for toxic tort cases associated with chemical plants, wood-treating facilities, solvent sites, fabricating and manufacturing and other industrial facilities in U.S. and Mexico.
  • Provided critique of government experts and supported Daubert challenges of regulatory experts, challenged successfully notices of violations in response to NEIC audits, refuting agency claims.
  • Modeled innovative ground water remediation systems for lagoons, impoundments, land farms, landfills and waste areas using agricultural drainage system and oil extraction technologies.
  • Pioneered use of injected electron receptors (HRC/ORC) , telescoped cased wells, cone penetrometers, tracer studies, chemical fingerprinting, slant hole drilling and advanced well grouts for remediating ground water plumes.
  • Assisted several clients with remediation liability estimation and portfolio management and Sarbanes Oxley reporting taking into account the different regulatory requirements in the different states in the U.S., different provinces in Canada and different states in Mexico.
  • Provided technical assistance to legal counsel regarding regulatory requirements and risks re remediation in residential areas near oil service companies and industrial operations in Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, including the United Creosote Superfund Site, a refinery in Lake Charles and the Hardage and Vertac Superfund Sites.
  • Provided testimony regarding state and federal remediation requirements, costs and risk issues as sole defense expert for a South Carolina Superfund site. Testimony was cited by Federal District Judge and Appeals Courts in ruling in favor of ERM clients.
  • Managed hydrogeologic study and remedial design for the Vertac Superfund site north of Little Rock, Arkansas, a former Agent Orange manufacturing facility. Provided expert testimony re regulatory requirements, risks in EPA remedy and remedial/compliance costs. Federal Judge overruled EPA’s remedy selection.
  • Managed occupational and comparative community health risk studies for industrial areas in the South.
  • Provided remediation, historic regulatory requirements, and risk expert testimony at trial in which a Federal Judge overturned EPA’s remedy selection for the Hardage Superfund Site.
  • Performed hydrogeologic modeling for oil service companies, oil fields, gas plants, and other industrial operations in Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.
  • Utilized a 3D model to accurately predict the recovery and reduction of pesticide and solvent concentrations at multiple sites.
  • Accurately predicted reduction of constituent levels in a deeper aquifer contaminated by EPA contractors during a remedial investigation.Results confirmed by U.S. Geological Survey hydrogeologists.
  • Project consultant for remediation of over 40 Superfund sites in the U.S.
  • Performed portfolio management support for various industries, assessing remedial requirements in different states to improve reserve estimation.
  • Bost has provided assistance to both small and large governmental entities. He provided consulting services in support of over 20 alternative energy and sustainability related patents. Led development and construction planning for commercial structures, including initial LEED (Green Building) projects in Houston area. He was appointed by Governor to Texas Regulatory Advisory Body and served on advisory committees for Houston Galveston area.
  • He has served on ASTM committee for new standard development. Experience includes mine plan development, due diligence assessments and permitting support for alternative energy projects, co-generation, hydroelectric facilities, carbon capture and sequestration, industrial facilities, mines, power generation and transmission systems. Bost helped to develop opportunities for energy reduction opportunities, and other measures towards sustainable operations, both economically and with sensitivity to environmental issues.
  • Bost was a leader in ERM’s carbon, sustainability and strategic advice practice and is considered an expert in environmental compliance, water resource management, and EHSS operations. He designed, provided construction supervision, startup assistance and operational evaluations for municipalities, NASA facilities, and numerous industrial and commercial entities. Provided expert testimony regarding accepted practices in both State and Federal Court.

Selected Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Projects

  • Designed and managed construction upgrades for water supply treatment systems for residential communities, power plants, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, gas process plants, and other industrial facilities.
  • Project consultant for Regional Governmental study of wastewater treatment systems and regional receiving stream surface water quality.
  • Provided consulting services to improve effluent quality of public and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Provided consulting services to industry and power plants for cooling water and boiler water treatment, using reverse osmosis, including water supply studies for a 1,000 MW Power Plant.
  • Provided expert assessment for a patent infringement case regarding wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Water supply development, site selection and permitting for public and industrial facilities.
  • Prepared expert reports or testimony in CERCLA Superfund Site litigation regarding Ground water supply impact issues in multiple states.
  • Provided expert consultation for litigation regarding oil well blowouts, pipeline spills, salt water intrusion, aquifer depletion and mineralization and remedial planning for impacted aquifers in multiple states.
  • Provided consultation regarding water supply impacts, emergency spill response practices, cleanup technologies, economic analyses, land use evaluations, and insurance claims for aquifers in California, Washington and other states.
  • Conducted EPA, NSF, and HUD research regarding protection of surface water supplies.
  • Conducted API research regarding protection of water supplies.
  • Designed and provided daily operational trouble shooting of water supply and wastewater treatment plants at crude oil storage facilities.
  • Provided project management assistance for 2-1/2 years for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
  • Provided river basin planning for water supply development, new regional wastewater treatment facilities, and surface water quality waste loadings.
  • Provided expert testimony regarding chlorinated solvent plume and treatment systems for recovered ground water for Silicon Valley clients.
  • Conducted permitting evaluation and wastewater treatment studies for industrial parks in California and Washington.
  • Conducted compliance audits for water supply treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Performed feasibility study and fatal flaw analysis for wastewater system upgrades for facilities discharging into the Mississippi River in Louisiana.
  • Performed feasibility study for privatization of public water supply and publicly-owned wastewater treatment plants.
  • Conducted pretreatment studies for industrial discharges to POTWs for multiple clients in multiple states.
  • Performed toxicity assessments of wastewater treatment plant effluent.
  • Conducted biomonitoring studies for industrial discharges to POTWs.
  • Conducted environmental impact assessments of projects on drinking water supplies and environmental and public health risk assessment and economic analysis of impacts to nearby receptors and natural sources.
  • Developed Edwards Aquifer water supplies for commercial and governmental projects in Central and South Texas.
  • Provided comprehensive evaluation of damage claims by San Antonio Water System associated with water supply well workovers. Researched water system records, developed accurate water consumption estimates and prepared expert report that facilitated case settlement.
  • Completed water supply study for residential development in Conroe, Texas.
  • Investigated source of methane emissions from limestone aquifer underlying a 600-lot luxury residential development in central Texas.
  • Performed water conservation assessments as part of environmental impact assessments in support of HUD funding for projects.
  • Directed upgrade studies for water well field and water distribution system for a 2,000-home community. Negotiated with contractors for system testing and for civil engineering and construction for water line replacement and repairs, developed program to encourage recycling and negotiation water system improvements with Harris County on behalf of community. Developed plan to digitize water and wastewater utilities for the community and lead the development of a new master plan for city utilities.
  • Appointed by governor to serve on Task Force 21, a technical and public advisory committee to the Texas Natural Resource Commission.
  • Designed water system extension and testified regarding EPA’s cross connection of aquifers and mischaracterization of water supplies. Completed 4,500 feet of continuous coring and other advanced technology field studies, advanced downhole geophysical studies, microseismic studies, T.V. camera slant hole logging, tracer studies, and age dating.
  • Helped develop the use in ground water studies of CPT and hydropunch technologies, statistically-based sampling, field screening, GIS databases, remote sensing, advanced soil gas surveys and geophysical logging, fingerprinting, age dating, slant hole drilling, diffusion modeling, hydrofracturing, in situ bioremediation and advanced contain­ment strategies to protect public water supplies.
  • Designed ground water treatment systems for over 300 sites in Texas and Louisiana.
  • Provided emergency response actions at Superfund and train derailment sites including development of alternate water supplies.
  • Conducted due diligence and compliance audits and environmental site assessments for over 1,500 sites in the U.S., Central and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Conducted research regarding development of handling procedures for industrial chemicals to support EPA rule-making.
  • Assessed water rights, stream assimilative capacity, flood control and make-up water quality constraints and permitting problems for commercial developments, power stations and industrial plant expansions.
  • Conducted ground water investigations at several Superfund Sites, including Sheridan (Hempstead), Bio-Ecology (Dallas), Odessa I and II, San Jacinto Tar Pits, Hardage; Remedial design for Vertac (Arkansas); & RI/FS Critiques for several NPL sites.

Professional Pro Bono Services

Mr. Bost is a member of ACES, SETAC, ACS, AWMA, NGWA, and AAPG EMD and DEG. He is currently Senior Consultant for Wind, Solar, Geothermal, In-situ Gasification, and BioFuels engineering and permitting projects in U.S. and Internationally.

He also was involved in the development of the Institute of Environmental Technology, Houston, Texas, and was one of its three Primary Lecturers from 1992 to 1996 (more).

In 2010, he was appointed as Chairman, of the AAPG EMD’s Renewable Energy Committee (Here).

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