Richard Bost Operating Other Companies

Richard Bost Operating Other Companies

2018 Notice: Should you need to contact Richard Bost, he no longer communicates through the I2M facilities because he is operating through his new companies at his offices in Waller County (713-417-0710). At some point in the coming months, information on Mr. Bost will no longer be available through the I2M website, but his information will be available through Mr. Bost’s new company website(s). We at I2M wish Mr. Bost the best in his new endeavors.

In the meantime, I2M continues as before in offering quality geological and hydrogeological services for mining and environmental projects, whereas Mr. Bost will continue to focus on his strong points involving sociological services and environmental engineering projects on soil contamination, but do not involve the underlying geological or hydrogeological conditions, which are evaluated, managed, and assessed by the personnel involved in I2M Associates, LLC, based in Houston.

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