Case History: Evaluation of Gold and Silver Mines in North Vietnam

Case History: Evaluation of Gold and Silver Mines in North Vietnam 2017-08-01T10:16:25+00:00

Project Description

Đồi Bù District, Hòa Bình Region SW of Hanoi – Independent Evaluation of Gold and Silver Mines, Processing Plant and Environmental Conditions

I2M conducted onsite independent investigations of operational gold and silver mines consisting of sampling ore working face via adits extending up to 2,500 feet for the purpose of determining if the ore deposits being produced in the two mines visited could support expanded production.

Also determined if the associated sulfide processing plant located some 25 miles into the valley consisting of primary crusher, floatation system, and cyanide recovery, with filtration polishing, is operational and well maintained.

We determined that the tailing pond that received waste from the final filtration circuit had been breached emptying into an adjacent stream, both locations of which were sampled and the sediments were found to contain very high arsenic, lead, and cadmium concentrations.

I2M personnel recommended that a comprehensive follow-up investigation be conducted by taking water samples of the stream (when not dry), associated sediments downstream, adjacent shallow rural water wells and in the area where the subject stream enters rice paddies in the valley below.

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