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M. David Campbell, P.G.Vice President / Senior Program Manager

M. David Campbell, P.G. was born in Columbus, Ohio and then lived in Sydney, Australia, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas and California, before traveling extensively in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, where he lived with his family for a number of years before returning to the U.S. to finish high school in Lancaster, Ohio in 1983.

Mr. Campbell has an unusually wide range of field experience. Before college, he joined a drilling company in Nevada and served as a driller’s assistant and then as geological field assistant in Alaska. After entering college in Santa Barbara, California, and then transferring to Texas A&M, he worked for a series of environmental and water well drilling companies during breaks from college. Upon graduation from Texas A&M in Geology and Hydrogeology in 1993, he joined a large environmental consulting company. He was a Project Coordinator, and then became a Project Hydrogeologist and handled numerous Phase I, II and III projects.

Serving as Vice President,  and Senior Project Manager for I2M Associates, LLC, Mr. Campbell serves in a variety of technical and management functions, ranging from operational management to field work and supervising drilling and sampling programs to performing groundwater modeling and associated maps and database construction. For example, I2M Associates, LLC was selected to provide mine permitting support for the development of a magnetite mining operations to be located in northeast Queensland. He was selected to relocate to Townsville, Queensland for a period of 8 months with the task of preparing a Mineral Development License (MDL) application after a thorough document and regulations review, and mining-law research for an active exploration property in Queensland. The project involved an in-country review of all current and relevant laws and regulations with input from government regulatory agencies, mining company consultants and mine management in preparation for mining minerals (magnetite, plus copper, silver, gold as by-products).

He has contributed to a number of publications and provides litigation support as well as computer programming and design experience managing the Web development efforts of the company. He also serves as the Webmaster for the AIPG-TX.org website.

His interests extend to marine geology, marine biology and marine conservation. He is the Founder/Director of the MarineBio Conservation Society (MarineBio.org).

For a detailed review of job history and associated responsibilities, see Mr. Campbell’s Curriculum Vitae.

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