M. David Campbell, P.G. Curriculum Vitae

M. David Campbell, P.G. Curriculum Vitae 2017-12-18T14:34:17+00:00

David Campbell, P.G.Vice President / Senior Program Manager

Houston, Texas
Direct: 713.248.2576
Office: 713.807.0021
Email: dc@i2massociates.com

1993, B.S. in Geology (Hydrogeology), w/Marine Biology Minor, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Professional Education
Short Course entitled, “Carlin-type gold deposits in Nevada.” Colorado School of Mines and the Society of Economic Geologists, April, 2011
TNRCC Risk-Based Corrective Action Workshops
OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER Training/updates
Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified
Houston Contractors Safety Council, etc.

Professional Licenses, Memberships, Awards and Activities
Professional Geoscientist License: Texas (#52)
Geological Society of America (GSA)
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)
National Ground Water Association
Texas Association of Environmental Professionals
Houston Geological Society
National Audubon Society
Shlemon Mentor in Applied Geoscience, GSA South-Central Section Meeting, Texas A&M University, 2004
Webmaster for IET Web Resources Portal, AEG-TX.org, AIPG-TX.org, The Institute of Environmental Technology (IET), Environmental Litigation Associates (ELA), and MDCampbell.com, I2MAssociates.com, I2M-Reardon.com, etc.

Professional Experience

I2M Associates, LLC., Serving as Vice President, and Senior Project Manager & Senior Mining / Environmental Geologist, Houston, TX, 2010 – Present
Mr. Campbell, in cooperation with a number of other senior I2M Associates, has been assembled in Houston, Texas to expand the scale of a range of services in the U.S. and overseas. With offices in the Houston,Texas area, Mr. Campbell provides consulting services in environmental investigations and remediation projects, and for assessments of uranium, gold, base metals, and other commodities in the U.S. and overseas. He has traveled widely in the U.S. and in many parts of the world on numerous projects over the past 20 years and before. He also develops and manages computer-based tools for investigations and project assessment. He has contributed to a number publications (see below).

ERM-Southwest, Inc. (ERM), Senior Project Hydrogeologist/Project Manager, Houston, TX, 2007 – 2009
As a Senior Project Geologist for the Site Investigation and Remediation group at ERM, Mr. Campbell was involved in the day-to-day operations of the full-service environmental and engineering consulting company including training junior Project Geologists and Environmental Engineers, project proposals and billing, client discussions/presentations and multi-site project management.

As Project Manager, Mr. Campbell also managed the largest single project for the group’s largest client which involved a former Superfund site in Oklahoma. Tasks included creating the site’s Feasibility Study for ODEQ and EPA review and approval. The Feasibility study involved the evaluation and comparison of multiple remediation technologies including capping, passive barriers, recovery trenches, solidification and stabilization, various in situ treatments, monitored natural attenuation, and ground water monitoring. Affected media at the site included soils and sediments, ground water, and surface water. Constituents of concern included creosote and pentachlorophenol as well as BTEX (plus minor amounts of various LNAPLs and DNAPLs).

Various Phase I, II, and III projects throughout the US involving manufacturing and oil and gas industries.

M. D. Campbell and Associates, L.P. (C&A), Program Manager and Project Hydrogeologist, Houston, TX, 1997 – 2007 and 2009
As Program Manager, Mr. Campbell was responsible for all Phase I, II and III field programs and associated activities in mining and environmental projects for C&A. He also provided litigation support to the C&A Principal and to clients. The following are some of the functions he routinely performed:

  • Monitoring well design and installation at Superfund sites, RCRA and LPST sites throughout Texas and elsewhere,
  • Supervising drilling, Geoprobe, CPT and other ground-water sampling,
  • Report preparation and submittal of hydrogeologic investigations to State and Federal Agencies,
  • Provided O&M of remediation projects, and
  • Conducted environmental, fate & transport and geotechnical modeling, and
  • Provided litigation support on major landfill, chemical plant and other cases.

Carter & Burgess, Inc., Project Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services Division, Houston TX, 1995 – 1997
Mr. Campbell was involved in a wide variety of environmental assessment and remediation projects, both as project coordinator and as a project site supervisor. Projects included: Expanded Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) related to county, municipal and private property transactions, Phase II Investigations, Plan A and B risk-based site closures, UST investigations and removals and remediation projects involving soil and ground-water contamination. As a Project Hydrogeologist, he was responsible for project coordination activities to ensure accurate, timely and cost-effective completion of projects. Mr. Campbell was also involved in the supervision of numerous field investigations to characterize sites with known or suspected environmental contamination and evaluate field and analytical data to determine the source(s) of contamination. He was also required to interact with state and federal personnel and requirements related to regulatory reporting and site remediation.

Selected project experience included:

  • Phase I ESA and Phase II Site Investigations on large commercial properties in the Houston area. Phase II Investigations have included the use of standard drilling rigs, Geoprobe and Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) technology, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) surveying,
  • Performed weekly operation and maintenance activities for ground-water remediation and SVE systems installed at leaking UST sites in the Houston area,
  • Phase I ESA and Phase II Investigations for 1,000+ acre oilfields in Texas, Mississippi and Mexico and numerous commercial developments in the Houston area including the downtown 100+ square block Freedman Township Project for the City of Houston,
  • Managed numerous LRST site investigations throughout Texas and Louisiana,
  • Participated in numerous Accelerated Site Assessments (ASAs) at LRST sites in Dallas and Fort Worth,
  • Performed Expanded Phase I ESAs for the City of Houston along the alignment of two proposed sewer rehabilitation projects and participated in the recommendations for Phase II Investigations and directed the resulting drilling and sampling activities, and
  • Participated in Phase II Investigations and evaluations of active oil/gas wells and associated tank batteries in North Houston with widespread soil and ground-water impacts.

M. D. Campbell and Associates, Project Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Houston, TX, 1995
As a Project Hydrogeologist, Mr. Campbell was responsible for all Phase I, II and III field programs and construction supervision for C&A. The following are some of the functions he performed:

  • Monitoring well design and installation at Superfund sites, RCRA and LPST sites in Texas, and elsewhere,
  • Supervising drilling, Geoprobe, CPT and ground-water sampling,
  • Preparing reports on hydrogeologic investigations, and
  • Providing assistance on O & M of remediation projects.

BDS Environmental Services, Staff Environmental Geologist, Houston, TX, 1994 – 1995
As a Environmental Field Supervisor and Geoprobe Operator, Mr. Campbell cooperated with numerous environmental consultants on a contract basis by providing:

  • Extensive Geoprobe soil and ground-water sampling at Superfund, RCRA, LPST and Petrochemical sites in Texas and Louisiana,
  • Successful planning and installation of temporary 1-inch piezometers using the Geoprobe for improved ground-water sampling and piezometric surface measurements,
  • Supervision as an Environmental Geologist for two Mobile B-57 drill rigs, a CME 75 and a Failing 1500 drill rig on various projects involving numerous monitoring and recovery well installations, soil borings and vapor extraction wells,
  • Technical supervision and support for client Project Geological Engineers concerning project goals, execution and safety plans, and
  • Project reports, well reports and proposal work.

Delta Environmental Consultants, Inc., Staff Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Houston, TX, 1993 – 1994
With over four years of environmental field experience, Mr. Campbell provided technical and supervisory support for environmental projects such as:

  • Installation of numerous ground-water remediation systems at RCRA TSD facilities, including preparation of Operations and Maintenance planning, troubleshooting, and long term monitoring and sampling programs as per TNRCC/EPA permit requirements,
  • Site-specific environmental project planning on all phases of RCRA TSD/UST facility projects,
  • Extensive subsurface investigations at RCRA, UST and E&P sites using standard drill rigs, Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT), Geoprobe, Hydropunch and Vibracore systems. Responsibilities also included working closely with clients to meet specific goals and timetables,
  • Ground-water plume investigations at RCRA, UST and E&P projects involving boundary delineation, source and concentration definition, monitoring well placement installation, soil gas surveys and soil borings,
  • UST site multi-well SVE system construction and supervision,
  • Supervision of the removal of leaking USTs in Louisiana including project coordination with the LADEQ, sample collection, data interpretation, summary report compilation and submittal,
  • Team member conducting Phase I & II environmental assessments of active oil fields in Texas and commercial properties in Fort Worth and Houston. Activities included historical research, personnel interviews, site reconnaissance and survey, aerial photograph interpretation and report preparation submittal, and
  • First and second stage development and sampling and testing of monitoring wells, pumping tests to determine aquifer characteristics and ground-water remediation programs.

Terra Technologies-Southwest, Inc., Environmental Geologist, Houston, TX, 1993
As a Geologist/CPT Operator, Mr. Campbell was responsible for all aspects of Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT); in-situ ground water and soil-gas sampling; application of various computer programs concerning contaminant concentrations, transport and fate. Projects included RCRA, UST and Superfund sites in Texas and Wyoming.

Operated real-time aquifer evaluation equipment (CPT conductivity & pore-pressure transducers); preparation and review of technical reports/proposals; assisted in-field analytical (GC-FID/PID) testing personnel; field crew and equipment coordination; CPT operator and company mechanic.

Griffin Remediation Services (GRS), Driller’s Assistant, Houston, TX, 1992 – 1993
Prior to graduation from college, Mr. Campbell was a Driller’s Assistant responsible for monitoring well and well-point installation and first stage development for various dewatering projects and a Roughneck/Well Technician on Failing 1000 and 1500 drilling rigs, track and all-terrain rigs, responsible for blower maintenance and repair, field project preparation and well material design.

Scott Environmental Services, Inc. (SESI), Driller’s Assistant, Houston, TX, 1992
During a work break from college, Mr. Campbell served as a Driller’s Assistant responsible for all phases of hollow-stem auger and wet rotary environmental drilling; set t hundreds of shallow monitoring wells in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Florida, including approximately 40 sites requiring at least Level C protection.

Texas A&M Geology Department (TAMU), Lab Technician, College Station, Texas, 1989-1991 (Part-Time)
Mr. Campbell was a Lab Technician under Dr. Dorabek performing thin-section preparation and identification.

Alsay Water Wells, Inc., Driller’s Assistant, Houston, TX, 1987-1988
Prior to entering college full-time, he served as a Driller’s Assistant on large commercial water well drilling rigs for various municipalities and MUDs in Texas.

Pollock’s Drilling Company, Driller’s Assistant, Ely, Nevada – Payette, ID, 1986-1987
Mr. Campbell served as a Driller’s Assistant working with the project geologist on a Chicago Pneumatic (CP) standard air rotary reverse circulation drilling rig, sampling to quantify gold/silver reserves of the Almaden mercury mine in Idaho and angle drilling in the Northern Rocky Mountain region.

Almaden Gold Mine (former mercury mine)

Office Management
As a member of M. D. Campbell and Associates, he was also responsible for field operations, implementation of projects and the coordination of contracts. As team member and Staff Supervisor, assisting in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the successful Environmental Services Division of Carter & Burgess, Inc. in Houston, Texas. As team member, assisted in starting a successful environmental consulting field office in Houston, Texas, for Delta Environmental Consultants Inc.


Campbell, M. D., H. M. Wise, and M. David Campbell, 2017, “An Update: Nuclear Power and Uranium Markets, Ownership and Uranium One (Russian Government) and Other Ownership of Uranium Resources in the World,” Journal of Geology and Geoscience, Vol. 1, No. 1, 3 p. (here), as the precursor to the “Uranium (Nuclear and REE) Committee Mid-Year Report,” of the Energy Minerals Division (AAPG), by teleconference on November 29. presented by Chair of the UCOM, Full report TBA

Campbell, M. D., M. David Campbell, R. W. Lee, and G. Collier, 2017, “Anatomy of a Case of Elevated Chloride in the Shallow Black Hand Sandstone Providing Rural Drinking Water Supplies in North-Central Ohio, USA: Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Characterization by Major and Minor Elements, and δ2H, δ18O, δ13C and Tritium Isotopes,”Journal of Geology and Geoscience, Vol. 1, No. 1, 68 p. (here).

Campbell, M. D., R. W. Lee, and M. David Campbell, 2017, “Gold and Other Metals in the Cao Ram Area, Doi Bu District, Hoa Binh Region, Southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam,” Journal of Geology and Geosciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, 38 p. (here).

Campbell, M. D. and M. David Campbell, 2016, “Independent Assessments of Gold, Silver, Uranium, Phosphate, Potash, and Rare-Earth Deposits in Australia, Vietnam, Texas and Alaska,” An invited 90-minute presentation during the Dinner Meeting of the Houston Geological Society’s Engineering and Environmental Group in Houston, Texas. PDF of the presentation slides (more).

Campbell, M. D., V. J. Absolon, J. D. King, and M. David Campbell, 2015, “Precious Metal Resources of the Hellyer Mine Tailings Tasmania, Australia”, by I2M Associates, LLC, for Confidential Client, March 9, 15 p.

Campbell, M. D., M. David Campbell, H. M. Wise, and R. C. Bost, 2014, Growth Faulting and Subsidence in the Houston, Texas Area, has been completed and released after more than 10 years of research and discussions among the geological community in the Houston area (more). The Guide is consistent with the goals of the IET Sponsored Research Program (more) established in the mid-1990s to provide ongoing technical support to the graduates of the IET program and other interested professionals within the Houston Geological Society and to members of the AIPG in Texas and elsewhere.

Campbell, M. D., M. David Campbell, J. D. King, and H. M. Wise, 2014, “Coal, Just Not for Burning,” in AIPG Journal: The Professional Geologist, pp. 21-25 (more).

Campbell, M. D., J. D. King, H. M. Wise, B. Handley, J. L. Conca, and M. David Campbell, 2013, “Nuclear Power and Associated Environmental Issues in the Transition of Exploration and Mining on Earth to the Development of Off-World Natural Resources in the 21st century,” in Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar System and Earth’s Future in Space: AAPG Memoir 101, (eds) W. A. Ambrose, J. F. Reilly II, and D. C. Peters, eds., pp. 163–213 (more).

Campbell, M. D., J. D. King, H.M. Wise, B. Handley, and M. David Campbell, 2009, “The Role of Nuclear Power in Space Exploration and the Associated Environmental Safeguards: An Overview,” Report of the Uranium Committee, Energy Minerals Division to the Astrogeology Committee of AAPG. Presented at the Conference of the AAPG-Energy Minerals Division and Astrogeology Committee Sessions, June 8-10, held in Denver, CO. (Click here).

Campbell, M. D., B. Handley, H. M. Wise, J. D. King, and M. David Campbell, 2009, “Developing Industrial Minerals, Nuclear Minerals and Commodities of Interest via Off-World Exploration and Mining,” Paper/Poster at the Conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG), Energy Minerals Division Sessions, June 9, Denver, CO., 27 p. (Click here).

Campbell, M. David, and M. D. Campbell, 2007, “Forensic Investigations of the Grave Site Environs and Remains of Harold E. Vest Interred in 1946 in Henrietta, Texas,” C&A Project # 706 for H. E. Vest, H. W. Powers, and Son, LLC, Irving, Texas, 62 p. (PDF Version).

Campbell, M. D. and M. David Campbell, 2005, “Uranium Industry Re-Development and Expansion in the Early 21st Century: Supplying Fuel for the Expansion of Nuclear Power in the U.S., The Environment vs. The Paradigm,” Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Strategy Conference & Investment Forum, Session 1: Energy Supply – Quantities and Qualities, Presented by Colorado Oil & Gas Association, August 1, Denver, Colorado, 44 p. (PDF).

Bost, R. C., M. D. Campbell, M. David Campbell, T. R. Eckols and Andrew L. Fono , 2005, “Flawed Geoscience in Forensic Environmental Investigations: Part II: How Daubert Affects the Scope and Bases for Expert Opinions” NGWA Environmental Law & Ground Water Conference, Baltimore, MD., July 21-22, (Conference Program). (Papers).

Bost, R. C., M. D. Campbell, M. David Campbell, T. R. Eckols, and Andrew L. Fono, 2005, “Flawed Geoscience in Forensic Environmental Investigations: Part III: How Daubert Is a Surrogate for Ethical Questions Regarding Expert Opinions” NGWA Environmental Law & Ground Water Conference, Baltimore, MD., July 21-22, (Conference Program). (Papers).

Campbell, M. D., et al., 2005, Recent Uranium Industry Developments, Exploration, Mining and Environmental Programs in the U.S. and Overseas, Energy Minerals Division, AAPG, Uranium Committee 2005 Report, March 25, (here).

Campbell, M. D., and M. David Campbell, (2004), “Crisis Management: Ground-Water Supplies in the 21st Century,” in Envirotechnology, to be published in China.(PDF: http://mdcampbell.com/ChinaPaper0304R2r5RED.pdf)

Campbell, M. D., R. C. Bost, and M. David Campbell, (2004), “Flawed Geoscience in Forensic Environmental Investigations: The Effect of Daubert Challenges on Improving Investigations” NGWA Environmental Law & Ground Water Conference, Chicago, IL, May 5-6, 2004 (Conference Program).

Campbell, M. D., M. David Campbell, and M. Saribudak, 2004, “Growth Faulting, Associated Geologic Hazards, Economic & Regulatory Impact, and Methods of Investigation for the Houston, Texas Area,” South-Central Meeting, Geological Society of America and Texas Section of the Association of Engineering Geologists Growth Fault Symposium, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, March 16, 83 p. (Program)

Campbell, M. D., T. Alexander, and M. David Campbell, (In Preparation), A C&A Field Investigation in Oklahoma-Arkansas: Interim Report on the Hydrogeologic Investigations on the Occurrence of Diagenetic Siderite within the Atoka Sandstone, near Pocola, Oklahoma and Hackett, Arkansas”. Summary Published in Oklahoma Notes, 1992.

Campbell, M. D. and M. David Campbell, (In Preparation), “A Field Investigation in Utah: Interim Report on the Continuing Paleontologic and Geologic Field Investigations on the Occurrence of Fossil Remains in the Ferron Sandstone of Late Cretaceous Age, South-Central Utah”.

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