Jeffrey D. King, P.G. Curriculum Vitae

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Seattle, Washington
Cell: 425-238-2212


Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Western Washington University.

Professional Certification / Registration

Professional Geologist (Washington-#1727)


He has over 25 years of technical and managerial experience in the natural resource field. Mr. King has extensive experience in developing successful regulatory- and landowner-negotiation and public-relations programs, has conducted or directly managed all aspects of site permitting, and has been involved in the financial and technical evaluation of mining properties for major mining companies and other related projects. He has also founded, developed and operated two successful companies.

Environmental Experience

In 1988, Mr. King was hired to manage the office of Law Environmental and Engineering, Inc., in Seattle, Washington by Mr. Campbell, Chief Hydrogeologist, in Houston, Texas. When he moved to DuPont in 1990, Mr. Campbell also arranged for Mr. King to open a DuPont office is Seattle through 1998 directing environmental projects in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada.

In 1998, Mr. King formed Pacific Environmental and Redevelopment Corporation to focus on large-scale projects involving the redevelopment of formerly contaminated properties. In completing these projects, Mr. King has developed or managed a team of resources and associates with experience ranging from environmental sciences to master-planned community and golf-course construction.

One such environmental project managed by I2M’s Jeff King involved the environmental clean-up of an industrial site in the vicinity of DuPont, Washington. Once the contaminants were removed, Mr. King oversaw the construction of a golf course followed by the construction of quality homes. The golf course was completed in 2006 and has just won the “Top Ten New Courses in the World” Award for 2007, given by Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine (See Announcement (here)).

He managed a project that resulted in a safe and effective cleanup that beat a deadline thereby saving $1.2 Million for land developer. Once part of an explosives manufacturing facility dating back to the early 1900s, the land had gone unused since the plant closed. Many decades later, Weyerhaeuser purchased the site as part of a 3,300-acre tract intended for a mixed-use real estate project. Before work on the real estate development could begin, the site required remediation to remove heavy metal and residual explosives that remained in the areas where numerous plant facilities had been located. Spurred by an impending change in the Environmental Protection Agency’s land disposal restriction (LOR) for handling hazardous wastes, Weyerhaeuser and the Pacific Environmental Remediation Corporation (PERC), and Jeff King, founder of PERC and founder of I2M Associates, LLC, promptly developed a remediation plan that focused first efforts on areas of significant heavy-metal contamination. Site work was scheduled so that hazardous waste would be treated or disposed of within 60 days, the time remaining before the new LOR restrictions were to take effect (more).

Had the project not been completed before the new LOR restrictions went into effect, 4,000 tons of contaminated material would have required stabilization prior to disposal at an estimated cost of $1.2 million. In addition to processing this volume of waste, remediation crews deliberately initiated more than 50 detonations to clear out residual explosives remaining in the old nitroglycerin manufacturing and transferring areas over much of the property designed to optimize safety controls of the day. These blasts averaged 30 to 40 pounds of dynamite each, with some detonations requiring up to 200 pounds. Sympathetic detonations of residual materials left craters in the area the size of large trucks.

The next phase of the project required the excavation of more than 80,000 cubic yards of material, which had to be screened, stockpiled, and covered or disposed offsite. More than 1,500 55-gallon drums without lids, and partly filled with a mixture of rain water and chemicals, were disposed offsite. Remediation of the former DuPont plant site was completed and the large property incorporated into the Northwest landing project developed by Weyerhaeuser, managed by Jeff King (of PERC).

Mining Experience

Mr. King developed mining process expertise in the late 1970s and early 1980s. During this time he worked for Companies such as Bethlehem Copper, Union Oil (MolyCorp) and the mining consulting firms for Watts, Griffis and McOuat and Campbell, Foss and Buchanan, Inc.(C,F&B) including gold mining and gold-placer evaluations in the lower states and in Alaska.

In 1984, Mr. King was named mine manager of a gold and silver mine in Nevada. He served in that capacity until 1986 when he was named Vice President of Operations. The project involved an open-pit mining and gold-silver with cyanide heap leach recovery system. C,F&B acquired the property from a major mining company for a consortium of European investor groups. C,F &B served as mine management, conducted extensive drilling and coring, designed mine plan, designed and constructed 9-mile haul road from mine to pads designed with leaky-pipe cyanide leach system, and electrolytic recovery system and smelting to recover precious metal dore. Mr. King managed day-to-day mining, heap-leaching operations, provided oversight of dore production and transported dore to refinery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Conducted environmental monitoring of groundwater in plant area, and prepared and implemented comprehensive safety program. Also provided liaison with state and federal regulatory agencies (more).

From the mid-1980s, Mr. King worked in the environmental field (discussed above under Environmental Experience ). Mr. King participated in M.D. Campbell and Associates, L.P. as a Project Manager. In 2009, Mr. King and Mr. Campbell were engaged to conduct a comprehensive independent evaluation of a potash project in Queensland, Australia as a result of Mr. Campbell’s previous experience in potash exploration in the late 1960s. They conducted field investigations during 2009.

While continuing to manage PERC, he founded I2M Associates, LLC in early 2010 to respond to numerous mining project needs. He contributed materially to a number of mining-associated projects.

In 2013, I2M Associates was also engaged to conduct an independent of the uranium in-situ production and processing plant located in in Brooks County, Texas for the purpose of preparing a NI 43-101 report for the client and the Vancouver Stock Exchange and other exchanges. Mr. King, Mr. Campbell and other I2M personnel reviewed data on the uranium resource drilling and logging used by mining company to characterize the uranium roll-front orebodies in the primary and secondary zones, and of the processing plant chemical consumption rates, wastewater injection well condition and history, combined with a review of state and federal permits and associated filings and reports. The team also conducted comprehensive economic modeling of ore grade, market price, and multi-case sensitivity to potential changes in project conditions.

In 2014, Mr. King and I2M Associates personnel also conducted an independent evaluation of gold and silver mines, processing plant and associated environmental conditions located in Vietnam, Đồi Bù District, Hòa Bình Region SW of Hanoi. The I2M team conducted onsite independent investigations of operational gold and silver mines consisting of sampling ore working face via adits extending up to 2,500 feet for the purpose of determining if the ore deposits being produced in the two mines visited could support expanded production. And, if the sulfide processing plant, located some 25 miles into the valley consisting of primary crusher, floatation system, and cyanide recovery, with filtration polishing, is operational and well maintained.

The team determined that the tailing pond that received waste from the final filtration circuit had been breached during heavy rainfall emptying into an adjacent stream (dry season), both locations of which were sampled and the sediments were found to contain very high arsenic, lead, and cadmium concentrations. I2M personnel recommended that a comprehensive follow-up investigation be conducted by taking samples of the stream water (when not dry), associated sediments downstream, adjacent shallow rural water wells and in the area where the subject stream enters the rice paddies in the valley below.

In 2015, I2M was engaged to conduct an independent assessment of mine tailing from a large base- and precious metal mine to remediate some 10 million tonnes of waste after zinc and lead were removed by multi-stage processing. The mine is located in Tasmania, Australia and contains a large tailings lake with Significant Gold and Silver. I2M confirmed that the tailings consists of about 70% sulfide minerals of pyrite, arsenopyrite, sphalerite galena, chalcopyrite, and tetrahedrite, all of which would oxidize to form acidic mine drainage if allowed to sit in piles open to the atmosphere and oxidizing rainfall.

To minimize oxidation, waste is currently being stored below a large engineered lake. Subsequent analysis by I2M personnel sampling laboratory results showed that significant concentrations of gold (550,000 oz) and silver (20 million oz) are available within the sulfide minerals’ crystalline structures (of arsenopyrite and pyrite) in the submerged waste tailings. I2M made recommendations based economic modeling for removal and transportation with offsite recovery of the precious metal.

After the waste tailings are removed offsite, and lake-water chemistry adjusted, the lake can be drained and the water released to the original stream without environmental damage while returning the area for multiple use. By physically removing the tailings by dredging while covered by the lake water, this eliminates potential damage from potential oxidation of the sulfide minerals and subsequent acid mine drainage with the likely release of iron sulfate and oxides, arsenic and lead to an especially sensitive wildlife area of central Tasmania.


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