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James L. Conca, Ph.D.James L. Conca, Ph.D., is a nationally known geoscientist of distinction. He is an author and speaker on issues involving nuclear, energy and the environment, stressing the need for science-based decision-making that also understands the geopolitical and economic realities of the globe. He helps to design, discuss and work to implement an optimal and strategic energy mix for the U.S., and the world, that is achievable by mid-century, working iteratively with the U.S. Department of Energy, elected officials, industry, academia and the general public.

  • Appointed Trustee of the Herbert M. Parker Foundation
  • Appointed Adjunct Professor at Washington State University in the School of the Environment
  • Appointed Affiliate Scientist for Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Serves as Consultant of Uranium Market and Disposition Issues
  • Provides Public Outreach on energy and environmental issues
  • Provides Training and Planning for various international programs
  • Serves as frequent speaker to local, state and federal elected officials and their staff
  • Serves as Curricula Developer for the Student Energy Education Initiative
  • Appointed to the Advisory Group of the Energy Minerals Division of AAPG
  • Member of the American Nuclear Society

Weekly contributor to Forbes.com on energy and nuclear issues, and listed chronologically in the I2M Web Portal (more). He is a contributor to The Hill (more), Nuclear Insider (more) and other news outlets. He has also published widely on energy markets, nuclear and fuels analyses, waste disposal and disposition, economic and political analyses, energy and fuels market assessments.

Over the years, he has risen through the ranks of academe beginning with Brown University, and graduate school at California Institute of California, and associated national laboratories, such as the New Mexico State University’s Institute for Energy and the Environment at the Hanford site in Washington, NMSU’s Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Washington State University, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other groups.

Dr. Conca is a popular lecturer. Some of his topics include:

  • The GeoPolitics of Energy – achieving a just and sustainable energy distribution by 2040
  • The Cost of Carbon – the effects of State carbon plans
  • What’s Happened to Our Nuclear Waste Program?
  • The Actual Cost of Energy
  • Dirty Bombs – the terror and the truth
  • Science and Society – the cost of the Apollo Effect
  • Planetary Science – why Pluto is still a planet
  • Antarctica – ice and rock with life

For additional information on Dr. Conca, see his CV (more).

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