I2M has New VP & Senior Associate

I2M has New VP & Senior Associate

Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G., President and Chief Engineer of I2M Associates, LLC, has announced the appointment of Mr. M. David Campbell, P.G., as Vice President of I2M Associates, LLC and Mr. Charles E. Bludau, Jr., as Senior Archaeological & Environmental Associate of I2M Associates, LLC. Mr. Bost has made these appointments to allow him more time to devote to his personal consulting interests as an expert witness and to the new companies he is forming with other associates, both activities of which are to avoid the appearance of any conflicts of interest with I2M Associates, LLC. He will be available for engineering consultation on I2M projects as the need arises.

As the newest officer, and board member of I2M, Mr. David Campbell will be reconfirming and expanding on the historical goals of I2M in the areas of environmental and natural resource investigations. His professional experience extends over more than 25 years in managing Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments and natural resource investigations with major environmental engineering and consulting companies such as ERM, Carter & Burgess, Delta Environmental, Alsay, M. D. Campbell & Associates, L.P., and others, much of which working with his father, I2M’s Executive Vice President and Chief Geologist/Chief Hydrogeologist, Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., C.P.G., on environmental and mining-related projects around the lower U.S. and in Australia, Vietnam, and Alaska.

David Campbell has also contributed to a number of publications, provides litigation support and his interests extend to marine biology and conservation where he is also the Founder/Director of the MarineBio Conservation Society (MarineBio.org).

Mr. Charles E. Bludau, Jr. is an experienced archaeological and environmental consultant and has managed projects for Gray & Pape, Inc., for more than 10 years on projects requiring Section 106 compliance pursuant to the NHPA and NEPA regulations for Native American tribes, U.S.   Army Corps of Engineers, FERC, and other federal and state agencies (e.g., TxDot). Over the years, he has also contributed to a number of associated publications and presentations. He will be providing support to I2M environmental and mining projects.

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