Geology {and Environmental Considerations} of Alternate Energy Resources

Geology {and Environmental Considerations} of Alternate Energy Resources 2017-12-13T12:09:37+00:00

The text was published in 1977 by the Houston Geological Society. The text was out of print within 14 months of its release and represented one of the first treatments of alternate energy development that incorporated environmental considerations of the period. It assisted industry in the early stages of preparing to implement RCRA and other state and federal environmental regulations.

The text’s cover, table of contents, introduction, first page of each chapter, and list of contributors and affiliation have been provided in a PDF file, click (here).

If you can not find a copy of the text in a local library, feel free to contact us via e-mail (see bottom of this page) and we will make copies of any chapter you wish, including the three bibliographies on uranium, coal-lignite, and geopressured geothermal energy. The cost is 20 cents/page, plus mailing. This will assist in defraying the cost of library replacement and maintenance. Also, used copies are available through Alibris (here).

Additional information can be reviewed on the editor / author’s new company website (I2M Associates, LLC). I2M Associates serves the ground-water supply field (1), the environmental field (2), the minerals and mining field (3), and the legal community; see a review of selected, recent cases (4). For Mr. Campbell’s other publications and presentations, click here.

Geology {and Environmental Considerations} of Alternate Energy Resources

Book Preface by HGS President (1977), Table of Contents, and selected chapter pages, click (PDF).

Introduction to HGS Book, by Campbell (PDF)

The Uranium Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Frontier Areas and Exploration Techniques, by Campbell and Biddle (PDF)

Chapter 2 – Trend Areas and Exploration Techniques, Dickinson and Duval (PDF)

Chapter 3 – Resource Development / Utilization, Hunkin (PDF)

Additional publications related to the subject (more).

Additional Texts, Papers, and Presentations Produced to Date by Michael D. Campbell, et al.:

2004 To Present: Reports from the Committee on Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earths), Energy Minerals Division, AAPG (here).

2013: Energy Resources for Human Settlement in the Solar System and Earth’s Future in Space. Chapter 9, entitled: Nuclear Power and Associated Environmental Issues in the Transition of Exploration and Mining on Earth to the Development of Off-World Natural Resources in the 21st Century., AAPG-EMD Memoir 101, Chapter 9

2014 – Coal, Just Not for Burning, AIPG – The Professional Geologist, funded by I2M Associates, LLC, Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington

2014: A Perspective on Nuclear Power, Uranium, and Post-Fukushima Revival , AAPG – The Explorer

2014: Growth Faulting and Subsidence in the Houston, Texas Area: A Guide to the Origins, Relationships, Hazards, Potential Impacts, and Methods of Investigation, for the Institute of Environmental Technology, funded by M. D. Campbell and Associates, LP and later by I2M Associates, LLC., Houston, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

For others, see: I2M Associates News,

1973 – Water Well Technology and

1974 – Rural Water Systems Planning and Engineering Guide, funded by the U.S. Commission on Rural Water.

Other publications on environmental and mining topics (more).

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