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Ph.D., Geology, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC
M.S., Geology, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
B.S., Geology, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA


Professional Geologist, Florida, 1989, Registration No. 1188
Professional Geologist, Texas, 2003, Registration No. 1417
Professional Geologist, Louisiana (Pending)


Geological Society of America
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
Houston Geological Society
Texas Association of Environmental Professionals
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Seismological Society of America
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Society of American Military Engineers

Additional Education and Training

  • Project Management Training, MACTEC, 2010
  • Project Management Training, Shaw E & I, 2004-2008
  • USAF, Environmental Restoration and RACER Training, Langley AFB, 2006
  • Proposal Process and Proposal Writing, Shaw E&I, 2006
  • Frontline Leadership Training, Shaw E & I, 2004
  • Computerized Seismic Interpretation (Seismic Microtechnology), June, 1998
  • Project Management Training, IT Corporation, April, 1991
  • Leadership Training, IT Corporation, June, 1990
  • Proposal Writing and Strategies, IT Corporation, April, 1990
  • 40-Hour OSHA Training in Compliance with 29 CFR 1910.120, June, 1988
  • Technical Mgmt., Strategies and Communication, Carnegie Mellon Univ., 1981
  • Accounting, Finance, and Law, Carnegie Mellon University, 1981

Honors & Awards

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists: he serves on the Advisory Group of the Energy Minerals Division’s Uranium (Nuclear Minerals and REE) Committee.
  • American Nuclear Society (ANS): he served on the ANS working group to prepare the industry standard guideline for the “Identification and Assessment of Capable Faults for Nuclear Facilities.” This guidance document is used for site selection of nuclear facilities throughout the world.
  • Senior Technical Leader, Shaw E&I: he was named senior technical leader within the Shaw Group of Companies. Shaw employed approximately 24,000 people worldwide, of which 150 were senior technical leaders.
  • Outstanding Project Manager, Smith Technology: he was named the Outstanding Project Manager for Smith Technologies in 1997. Smith was listed as one of the 10 largest environmental companies in Engineering News Record. Smith typically executed 2500 to 3000 projects per year.
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement, Smith Technology: he was recognized for outstanding technical achievement for the technical assessment, and allocation of environmental liabilities associated with adjoining chemical plants at a Superfund site in Pocatello, Idaho.
  • Project Management Associate, IT Corporation: he was selected as one of the first 50 project management associates for IT Corporation in 1991. At the time, IT Corporation was ranked as the largest environmental services firm in the United States.

Employment History

Rowlands Geosciences, Houston, TX — 2014 to Present
Dr. Rowland provides specialized environmental and engineering geology consulting services to site owners, site operators, and various small engineering and environmental consulting companies. Most of the work involves soil and groundwater investigations and remediation. Projects have included preparation of scopes of work for new projects, field work and oversight of field work, review of work progress, and technical peer review of reports. He has recently completed a project supporting the defendant in a soil and groundwater contamination lawsuit in south Louisiana. Dr. Rowland also provides independent, third party reviews of investigations, remedial alternatives, remedial work plans, and remedial cost estimates.

W & M Environmental Group, Inc. Project Manager/Senior Consultant — 2013 to 2014
Dr. Rowland& was a project manager and senior consultant for projects involving soil and groundwater investigations and remediation. Projects included soil and groundwater investigations for sites contaminated with metals, PAHs, and pesticides and herbicides. He provided geotechnical input and remedy selection options for a site with pits containing sludge.

World Environmental, Houston, TX Program Manager/Senior Consultant — 2012 to 2013
Program manager for a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) seeking subcontracting and teaming opportunities on federal and other government contracts. Dr. Rowland negotiated a teaming agreement with a major environmental company and supported their proposal effort. They were successful and the major company was awarded a national environmental contract with the National Guard Bureau. He was the project manager and senior consultant for a variety of environmental projects related to soil and groundwater contamination in Texas and Louisiana.

AMEC Environmental and Infrastructure, Houston, TX / MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Houston, TX Principal Geologist/Senior Geologist — 2009 to 2011
As a principal geologist/senior geologist Dr. Rowland worked on environmental and engineering projects throughout the United States. These projects include the proposed additional reactor to the South Texas Nuclear Project, an additional nuclear reactor for a power plant in New Jersey, the Ruby pipeline between Wyoming and central Oregon, and the preparation of an RI/FS for a superfund site in Texas. Dr. Rowland prepared a feasibility study for the use of hydraulic and pneumatic fracturing to increase the permeability of glacial outwash for a chlorinated solvent contaminated property in Illinois. He also supervised and coordinated the work of 23 technical staff conducting NRDA related work for BP in Louisiana during the Macondo oil spill. Dr. Rowland was also the geological and geotechnical lead for a project to determine if any geohazardous subsurface conditions that may have been produced by the failure of a natural gas storage cavern in a Gulf Coast Salt Dome.

Deputy Program Manager-Technical Manager, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, (formerly IT Corporation), Houston, Texas — 1998 – 2008
Dr. Rowland was the technical manager and deputy program manager for three HTRW IDIQ contracts for the USACE with a combined contract value of $418 million. He was responsible for 18 technical staff working on task orders at 13 Army and Air Force installations and 10 Superfund sites located throughout EPA Region VI (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico). Dr. Rowland was responsible for staffing, training, and annual reviews. He also reviewed project and program financial results and projections, assigned project managers, and interacted with the client and representatives of various military installations. He helped prepare the monthly program review of all projects, performed the monthly financial review of all projects and signed off for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. He reviewed technical and financial aspects of proposals, and had approval authority for all federal proposals produced in the Houston office.

Dr. Rowland was responsible for the day-to-day technical activities for the program and was responsible for all technical work, including: development of technical approaches for projects, technical peer review, and approval of all documents including: cost estimates, work plans, health and safety plans, QA/QC Plans, technical reports, contracts, designs and specifications, and subcontracting documents. Projects ran the entire range of environmental work, including soil and groundwater investigations, soil remediation (dig and haul, SVE, bioremediation, and phytoremediation), groundwater remediation (pump and treat, SVE, chemical oxidation), asbestos abatement, refinery demolition, UXO/MEC removal, and landfill cap design and construction.

From 2006 through 2008 Dr. Rowland provided specialized consulting to Shaw Nuclear. In that capacity he provided expert services for a faulting investigation and analyzed the potential consequences for a nuclear power facility in South Korea, and reviewed the Early Site Permits and COLA’s for proposed reactors at the Lee and Summers sites in South Carolina, the Harris Site in North Carolina, and the Vogtle Site in Georgia. Dr. Rowland was a special consultant to the Saudi Arabia Presidency of Meteorology and the Environment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Locus Technologies, Newark, California Vice President — 1997 – 1998
Dr. Rowland was Vice President and Partner for a small environmental company in California. He provided technical management and technical oversight for projects. Projects included several groundwater investigation and remediation project in northern California. Other duties included project management, business development, and marketing.

Smith Technology Corporation (formerly Canonie Environmental Services Corporation), Pleasanton, California Senior Project Manager/Senior Geologist — 1995 – 1997
Dr. Rowland’s primary responsibilities included project management, business development, technical and financial oversight of other project managers, and manager of geology. He managed a Master Service Agreement with an aerospace client in southern California and managed a multi-million dollar pesticide/herbicide investigation and remediation project in central California. His accomplishments included completing a SVE remediation project in Los Angeles, managing the closure of a geothermal drilling waste site project in Northern California, and providing technical support for other projects. He renegotiated a modification to a Record of Decision that significantly reduced the soil and groundwater remediation costs for the client. Dr. Rowland provided litigation support, including supervision of groundwater modeling, for a comingled groundwater contaminant plume in central California.

Roy F. Weston, Houston, TX Project Director — 1993 – 1995
Dr. Rowland provided program management for a $5 million IDIQ contract with the USACE for projects within EPA Region VI, and program management of an IDIQ contract with Houston METRO. Work under the USACE contract included site investigations and the management and construction of the RCRA waste facility at Fort Bliss.

IT Corporation, Houston, TX Project Manager and Senior Project Manager — 1989 – 1993
Dr. Rowland was responsible for execution of RCRA and CERCLA projects for government and private sector clients. His responsibilities included business development, proposal preparation, project reviews, and contract and subcontract management. He was the program manager for two USACE $5 million HTRW IDIQ contracts (with UXO), program manager for UST projects for major petroleum retailers with projects in TX, LA, AL, MS, and AR. He was also the project manager and senior technical lead for the groundwater remedial system design for the Geneva Industries Superfund site in South Houston. He was the project manager for various RCRA Facility Investigations and chemical plants and refineries along the Gulf Coast and two RFIs at the White Sands Missile Range.

University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL Assistant Professor — 1983 – 1989
Dr. Rowland was an Assistant Professor of Geology and taught courses in structural geology, regional tectonics, earthquake seismology, introductory geophysics, seismic interpretation, physical geology and historical geology. He conducted research on the neotectonics of northwest Pakistan, geothermal gradients in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico, and the relationship of oil and gas fields to gravity anomalies in southwest Alabama.

D’Appolonia Consulting Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA Senior Staff Consultant — 1973 – 1982
Dr. Rowland specialized in structural geology and seismology investigations for nuclear power plants, nuclear processing facilities, and other critical facilities. He performed geotechnical drilling, sample logging and testing designation, hydrogeologic investigations, regional and local geologic mapping, detailed excavation mapping, faulting investigations, and established seismic design criteria. He also worked on projects throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Far East and served as technical manager, or lead scientist for site investigations, preparation of Preliminary Safety Analysis Reports, response to NRC comments, and other nuclear licensing documents. International nuclear projects were located in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the former Yugoslavia, Iran, Pakistan, and South Korea.

Representative Environmental Project Experience

Project Manager and Technical Lead: Dr. Rowland managed a soil and groundwater investigation for a 1,300 acre site in east Texas that had been operated since the 1930’s. Previous consultants identified significant soil and groundwater contamination from heavy metals. It was a perplexing site because processing at the site would not be expected to produce such widespread occurrences of heavy metals. The geological and geotechnical data indicated the presence of lignite and other organic rich strata beneath the facility. He informed the owner that the heavy metals were most likely naturally occurring and prepared a detailed geology and geochemical report that identified high concentrations of heavy metals associated with the lignite beds, the occurrence of groundwater in the lignite beds, and demonstrated that pH-Eh conditions in the groundwater were ideal for the dissolution of metals from the lignite. The report concluded that the elevated concentrations of heavy metals were naturally occurring, therefore the owner was not responsible for the remediation of naturally high concentration of the metals. The TCEQ accepted the report without comment and agreed that the owner was not responsible for further investigations, long-term monitoring, or remediation. This work saved the client $3 million dollars in future investigation and monitoring costs, and unknown millions of dollars in remediation costs.

Technical Lead: In 2010 a natural gas storage cavern constructed in a salt dome in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin failed and released in excess of 1 BCF of natural gas into the subsurface and the atmosphere. Within a few days of the failure gas began flowing from around the annulus of a well at another cavern. Cavitation from the gas flow created an excavation with a radius of at least 100 feet from the well and had a depth of approximately 30-35 feet. Both caverns are adjacent to the gas compressor station and there was concern that the gas flow through the subsurface materials may have compromised the stability of the compressor station. Some surface piping had been moved approximately 6 inches from its concrete base. The concern was that voids could have been created in the unconsolidated materials beneath the site. Dr. Rowland’s team investigated the site using ground penetrating radar and electro-magnetic profiling. Some profiles indicated resistivity values normally correlated with voids. Two of these areas were drilled using a small soil sampling rig. No voids were detected. However, the samples showed that the thin interbedded sand units had no moisture content and were exceedingly loose. They concluded that the lack of moisture in the subsurface resulted from the movement of the dry gas through the sand and the lack of moisture produced an electro-magnetic pattern characteristic of a void. Because the pattern associated with the loose sand was widespread we recommended that the client institute a program to monitor the site for subsidence.

Project Manager: Dr. Rowland managed a fast-track removal action of hydrocarbon contaminated soil during construction of the George Bush Turnpike Extension for the North Texas Tollway Authority, Rowlett, Texas. Prepared a work plan (including a H&S plan, S&P plan, and QAPP), and final report for the project. The project included soil and groundwater sampling, delineation of the contaminated area, excavation of contaminated soil, confirmation testing, additional soil removal, and final confirmation sampling, waste characterization, and waste disposal.

Deputy Program Manager: Dr. Rowland was the technical manager for the USACE Tulsa, Total Environmental Restoration Contract. We executed 142 Task Orders ranging from site investigations through remedial design and construction. Remediation included soil removal, slurry wall construction, landfill cap construction, groundwater recovery (wells and cutoff trenches) in-situ bioremediation, in-situ oxidation of chlorinated solvents, and munitions removal. Task orders were at 9 Army installations, 5 Air Force bases, and 7 superfund sites throughout TX, OK, AR, and LA.

Senior Project Manager: Dr. Rowland was the senior project manager for remediation at a former pesticide formulation facility in, Fresno, California. His responsibilities included all aspects of financial and technical management of the project. His technical responsibilities included the following: operation and maintenance of a 150-gpm groundwater treatment system, quarterly groundwater monitoring and reporting, installation of monitoring wells, Phase I SVE design and pilot testing, design of a full-scale SVE system, preparation of a Feasibility Study for off-site groundwater, preparation of a Remedial Action Plan for on-site soils, design of a closure cover system, 3-D contaminant fate and transport modeling of groundwater and the design of a treatment system for off-site groundwater. Successfully negotiated a change in the ROD that significantly reduced remediation costs. Other activities include weekly client interaction with local and corporate environmental staff, assistance in formulating strategies, and negotiation with state regulatory agencies (DTSC and RWQCB).

Program Manager: Dr. Rowland was the program manager for two $5 million HTRW IDIQ with ordnance (UXO) contracts for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville District. These lump sum contracts were for military bases within EPA Region VI. He was responsible for negotiation of delivery orders, preparation of cost proposals, submittal of monthly and annual reports, assignment of project managers and staff, and overall responsibility for financial, business, and technical aspects of projects.

Project Manager, Garland County Industrial Park and Landfill Superfund Site, EPA Region VI: Dr. Rowland was the project manager for this site which consisted of a landfill and seven adjacent industrial facilities, and had been proposed for inclusion on the NPL. He managed the RI/FS for the site as well as a risk assessment, expanded site investigation, and an RI for off-site areas suspected of being contaminated. The project included preparation of work plans, health and safety plan, sampling and analysis plan, quality assurance plan, and strategic work plan for the entire site. He made presentations to EPA and held public meetings with local citizens groups. The project included drilling, groundwater, soil, sediment, and surface water sampling for HRS Packages, the RI, and the Risk assessment.

Project Manager, Fort Bliss, Texas: Dr. Rowland’s role as project manager began with preparation of cost proposals and cost negotiations with the Corp of Engineers. Individual projects included: modification of a RCRA Part B Permit for an ordnance disposal area, investigation of an uncontrolled medical waste landfill, negotiation of a compliance agreement to address USTs and ASTs in Texas and New Mexico, establishing a new hazardous waste storage facility, operation of the existing hazardous waste storage facility, modification of the RCRA Permit for the existing storage facility to include the new facility, and performing environmental compliance audits for current operating facilities. Work included preparation of work plans, health and safety plans, sampling and analysis plans, preparation of reports, and presentations to state and federal environmental officials.

Project Manager, Temple-Inland Forest Products, Diboll, Texas: Dr. Rowland was the project manager for engineering, hydrologic, and regulatory consulting for a number of RCRA related problems at the facility. These projects included: review of hydrogeology and recovery system design for a DNAPL recovery system, Part B Permit modifications and Compliance Plan negotiations with the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC), preparation of a RFI Work Plan, and the investigation of an area of soil contamination.

Project Manager, IDIQ contract, Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO), Houston, Texas: Dr. Rowland was the proposal manager and made the formal presentation to the selection committee, negotiated the contract rates and terms, and managed the projects. Work performed included a Phase I site assessment, a regulatory compliance review of an operating facility, and a major site investigation of soil and groundwater contamination at an operating facility. This site investigation included drilling, sampling, report preparation, presentations to METRO executives, and negotiation of remediation goals with the TNRCC using the Texas Risk Reduction Rules.

Project Manager, Two RCRA Facility Investigations at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico: The projects involved the investigation of 74 SWMUs, some of which contained Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). Dr. Rowland prepared the bid, negotiated the pricing, schedule, and contract terms. These lump sum projects were completed on time and under budget. Investigative techniques included: soil borings, monitor well installation, surface geophysics, soil gas surveys, and sediment and sludge sampling. Project reports included: Project Management Plan, QA/QC Plan, Health and Safety Plan, two RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) Reports, and two Groundwater Assessment reports. He presented conclusions and recommendations to the client, personnel from the USACE, Huntsville and Tulsa Districts, EPA Region VI, and State of New Mexico regulators. He also assisted the client in the negotiation of RCRA Corrective Measures Studies and remediation goals with EPA Region VI and NMED. He initiated a groundwater remediation of a diesel fuel and chlorinated solvent plume using a Rapid Response Contract. The total value of these lump sum project exceeded $2.5 million.

Project Manager, DuPont Beaumont Works, Beaumont, Texas: Dr. Rowland managed the investigation of off-site groundwater contamination from chlorinated solvents. The project included the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, sampling of soil and groundwater, characterization of the hydrologic conditions, mapping of the contaminant plume, groundwater modeling, and report preparation. He also provided litigation support and expert services for the defendant in a lawsuit pertaining to offsite contaminant migration.

Project Manager, Groundwater Remedial Design Project, Geneva Superfund Site, Houston, for the Texas Water Commission: Dr. Rowland’s responsibilities included cost estimates, contract negotiations, and technical and financial management. The project included design and placement of recovery wells, design of the groundwater recovery system, groundwater modeling, design of the groundwater treatment system, preparation of technical specifications and bid packages, and meetings with the lead agencies, the Texas Water Commission (currently the TCEQ) and EPA Region VI. Dr. Rowland also provided management of the oversight portion of the groundwater Remedial Action for this project.

Project Manager, RCRA Facility Investigation, Star Refinery, Port Arthur, Texas. The project involved the installation of 200 monitoring wells, soil and groundwater sampling, analysis of samples, preparation of groundwater assessment report, assessment of RCRA corrective measures, and preparation of the RFI Report.

Project Manager, UST Investigations and Site Remediation, Southland Corporation. Dr. Rowland was the project manager for six underground storage tank projects in Texas and Arkansas. The work involved site assessments, soil and groundwater sampling, report preparation, submittals to state agencies, meetings with state regulators, site remediation of both soils and groundwater, financial and technical management.

Project Director, UST Projects, Chevron. Dr. Rowland was responsible for program quality, business development, client interface, establishing policies consistent with client requirements, report and proposal review. The work included investigations, and soil and groundwater remediation. The program included coordination of work in six company offices and covered a seven state (TX, LA, Al, MS, FL, AR, and OK) market area for the client.

Project Manager, Hydrocarbon Contamination, Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) Program, Texas Water Commission. Dr. Rowland was the project manager for the investigation of hydrocarbon contamination in five areas of the town of Anson, TX. The project included drilling and monitoring well installation, soil and groundwater sampling, identification of hydrocarbon plumes, groundwater modeling, and the preparation of reports. Other activities included presentations to TWC staff and officials, and conducting public meetings.

Publications and Presentations

Rowlands, David, 1989, “Stylolites, Pressure Solution, and Extension Fracturing in the Lockport Formation, Niagara Falls, New York”, Northeast section, Geological Society of America.

Rowlands, David, 1987, “Temperature – Depth Relationships in the Eastern and Central Gulf Coast”, presented at Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Phoenix.

Rowlands, David, 1987, “Temperature – Depth Relationships in Southwest Alabama,” Southeast Section Meeting, Geological Society of America.

Rowlands, David, 1983, “Structure of the Green Pond Syncline, Northern New Jersey and Southeastern New York,” Ph.D. dissertation, University of South Carolina.

Rowlands, David, 1980, “Age of Slaty Cleavage Development in the Martinsburg Formation: Evidence form the Beemerville Area, Northwestern New Jersey,” Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America.

Rowlands, David, 1978, “Structural Model for the Development of the Baluchistan Arc, Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Transactions, American Geophysical Union, v.39, pg. 1203.

Rowlands, David, 1978, “The Structure and Seismicity of the Southern Sulaiman Range, Pakistan,” Tectonophysics, v. 51, p. 41-56 (more).

Dobecki, T. L., D. Rowlands, and A. M. Jacobs, 1975, “Paleomagnetic Age Evaluation of Undistributed Sediments Overlying Intensely Deformed Rocks,” presented at International Meeting, Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Eggenberger, A. J., D. Rowlands, and P. C. Rizzo, 1975, “The Utilization of LANDSAT Imagery in Nuclear Power Plant Siting,” NASA, Earth Resource Survey Symposium, Proceedings (more).

Rowlands, David, and W.H. Kanes, 1972, “The Structural Geology of a Portion of the Broadtop Synclinorium, Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania,” in Appalachian Structure, Origin, Evaluation, and Possible Potential for New Exploration Frontiers, West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey.

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