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I2M Associates provides for the geological and engineering needs of the mining industry and of the environmental requirements of the U.S. Government, the mining, petrochemical, oil and gas, and other industries. For additional information regarding the range of services offered by I2M, see (I2M Services) and (I2M Projects). To stay up-to-date on I2M activities, see (I2M News).

I2M Associates also serves Tier I and II environmental consultants (i.e., large national and local groups) by providing an adjunct source of Principal-, Senior- and Project-level hydrogeologic guidance on RCRA, CERCLA and other environmental and mining projects.

You can send us a message using email or contact us directly by telephone at the Houston offices:

Houston Operations Offices

I2M Associates, LLC – Investigations
1810 Elmen Street
Houston, Texas 77019
Office: 713-807-0021
Cell: 713-248-1708
Fax: 713-807-0985

To Arrange a Speaking Engagement

Senior members of I2M Associates, LLC are available for speaking engagements to groups large and small, graduations, formal dinners or informal meetings, in the U.S. or overseas. The topics covered generally relate to the speaker’s professional/personal perspectives, or to subjects relating to their projects in the U.S. and overseas, or to project case histories and subjects discussed in papers and presentations made by the various I2M senior personnel. See recent I2M publications (here).

Also, see the I2M senior personnel presentations / publications listed in their CVs or resume summary pages below:

R. C. Bost (publications)
M. D. Campbell (publications)
J. D. King (publications)
M. David Campbell (publications)
R. W. Lee (publications)
R. G. Schaefer (publications)
C. E. Bludau (publications)
J. L. Conca (publications)
D. R. Rowlands (publications)

V. J. Absolon (publications)
S. Cameron (publications)
R. I. Rackley (publications)
S. B. Romberger (publications)
J. A. Saunders (publications)
M. Saribudak (publications)
F. Ben Thomas (publications)

To arrange for an I2M speaker, fill out and fax (or email a scanned copy of) the completed form (here) describing the date, time, location, and make up of the audience of your function (luncheon, dinner or other occasion). If you have any questions, call us.

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I2M Associates, LLC offers experienced engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and other scientists with many years in environmental assessments, including remediation management, mineral exploration and mining, project management, and mergers and acquisitions. Related areas of expertise include forensic and feasibility studies in the environmental and mining industries, and environmental site assessments, due diligence assessments, and impact assessments in addition to brownfield redevelopment and management (as well as grant application assistance) in the U.S, and for state and the U.S. governments, and the legal community around the U.S.

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Contact I2M Associates, LLC

1810 Elmen Street, Houston, Texas 77019

Phone: 713.807.0021

Mobile: 713.248.1708

Fax: 713.807.0985