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The following is a partial list of clients for whom I2M Associates personnel have provided services to various groups over the years:I2M Associates Clients

Abbott Simses Knister & Kuchler, Houston, TX (Radionuclide Remediation)
Abbott Simses Knister & Kuchler, New Orleans, LA (Environmental Site Assessments – ESAs – Phase II Assessment – Oil-Field Wastes)
Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Matth, Houston, TX (ESA-Phase II Assessment – BTEX)
Adams and Reese, LLP, New Orleans, LA (ESA and Superfund Assessments – Solvents & BTEX)
Alcoa Aluminum, Inc., Rockwall (Metals Assessment)
Amoco Corporation, Chicago, IL (ESAs-Phase II – BTEX and Solvents)
Anglo Exploration Corporation, Houston, TX (Mining Assessment – Coal and Base Metals)
Argo Environmental, Houston, TX (ESAs-Phase II – Training Support)
BancOhio National Bank, Columbus, OH (Mining Assessment – Sand and Gravel Evaluations)
Bayou Choctaw Strategic Petroleum Reserve Site, LA (Salt Dome Assessment – Integrity of Systems)
BDS Environmental Services, Houston, TX (Geoprobe Investigations, Monitoring, and Vapor-Extraction Well Installations – Solvent and BTEX)
BFI Waste Systems, Whispering Pines Landfill, Houston, TX (Landfill Assessment – Geological Evaluation)
Bickel & Brewer, LLP, Dallas, TX (ESA-Phase II Assessment – Solvent & BTEX Distribution)
Bowers Harrison Kent & Miller, LLP, Evansville, KY (ESA – BTEX)
Brumby Group, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (Assessment of Precious and Base Metal Properties)
Burch and Cracchiolo, P.A., Phoenix, AZ (Ground Water Supply and Contaminant Assessment – Assessment of Workover Methods)
Bush, Ross, Garner, Warren & Rudy, P. A., Tampa, FL (ESA-Phase II Assessment – Asbestos & BTEX)
Caprock Ranch, Rockwall (ESA-Brine Contamination Assessment – Brine From Offsite Sources)
Carter & Burgess, Inc., Houston, TX (ESAs, Phase IIs, LUSTs, Plan A and B Risk-based Projects, Remediation Projects)
Celotex Corporation, Miami, FL (ESA-Phase II Assessment – Asbestos)
Centrefund Acquisition Corp., Tampa, FL (Dry Cleaners Contamination-Phase II – Solvents)
Champions Forest MUD, Houston, TX (Water Supply Assessment)
City of Houston, Planning Department, Houston, TX (ESAs, Phase II Investigations – BTEX)
City of Houston, Water Supply Department, Houston, TX (Pumping Equipment Failure Assessment)
City of Oak Ridge, TN (ESAs-Phase II Assessment)
Coats and Clark, Inc., Toccoa (ESAs-Phase II Assessment – Solvents)
Commission on Rural Water, Washington, D.C. (CRW Guidance Document Production)
Compaq Computer, Inc., Houston, TX (Dewatering Assessments)
Condea Vista Company, Houston, TX (Contamination Assessments – Solvents)
Conoco, Corporate Center, Houston, TX (ESAs-Phase IIs and Remediation Programs)
Conoco, Minerals Exploration & Mining Division, Sydney, Australia (Mining and Minerals Assessments – Phosphate and Uranium)
Continental Baking Baking Company, St. Louis, MO (ESA-Phase I Assessments)
Costco Wholesale, Inc., Seattle, WA (Water-Supply Contamination Assessment – E. coli H7O157 Variety)
Cox, Smith Mathews, LLP, San Antonio, TX (Shallow Drilling Incident)
Critchfield, Critchfield and Johnson, Wooster, OH (ESA-Phase II – Brine Usage and Evaluation Offsite)
Culpepper and Associates, Houston, TX (Radionuclides in Water Supply)
Delta Environmental Consultants, Inc., Houston, TX (ESAs, Phase IIs, LUSTs, Metals, and Solvent Contamination Projects)
Delta Machines, Inc., Niles (ESA-Phase II)
Dobrowski LLP, Houston, TX (ESA-Assessment Management – Brine Assessment)
Dolet Hills Mining Company, Mansfield (Mining Dewatering Management and Assessments – Coal – Hydrogeological Evaluations)
DuPont Environmental, Houston, TX (ESAs-Phase IIs, Mining, and Metals and Solvent Contamination Assessments)
Dysart Woods Association, Athens, OH (Natural Resource Assessment – Potential Damage of Old Growth Trees and Surface Coal Mining)
Elf Aquitaine Oil & Gas, Inc., Houston, TX (Sulfur Assessment)
ENSR Consulting & Engineering, Inc., Houston, TX (ESAs-Phase Is and IIs, Mining, and Metals Assessments)
Eggleston & Briscoe, Houston, TX (ESA – Phase II Dry Cleaners Investigations – Solvents)
Envirocorp Services & Technology, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA (ESAs-Phase Is and Phase IIs – BTEX)
Envirocorp Services & Technology, Inc., South Bend, IN (ESAs, and Mine Dewatering – BTEX and Solvents)
Environmental Health Laboratories, South Bend, LA (ESA-Phase Is and Phase IIs)
Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Houston, TX (Landfill Assessments, ESAs, Metals, Solvents, BTEX)
Fansteel Tantalum, Chicago, IL (Minerals Assessment)
Fort Norman Exploration Company, Toronto, Canada (Mining Assessment)
Fowler, Rodriguez & Chalos, Houston, TX (ESA – Site Assessment)
Fullenweider Firm, Houston, TX (Assessment of Previous Phase I & II ESA Investigations – BTEX and Solvents)
Gardere Wynne Sewell & Riggs, LLP, Houston, TX (Water-Supply Contamination Assessment)
GCO Minerals Company, Houston, TX (Coal Assessment)
GE Quartz, Inc., Cleveland, OH (Resource Assessment)
General Electric, Ashville (Phase II – Contamination Assessment – Solvent)
General Electric, Greenville (Phase II – Contamination Assessment – Solvent)
Geological Research Corporation, Houston, TX (Minerals Assessment)
George W. Dana Associates, Houston, TX (Metals Contamination Assessment)
Halliburton, Houston, TX (Phase II – Contamination Assessment – Solvent)
Hancock County Landfill, Macon (Landfill Permitting Assessment)
Hanes & Boone, LLP (Phase II – Contamination and Remediation Assessment – Solvents)
Harding Lawson, Inc., Houston, TX (UST ESAs – Phase Is and IIs)
Hartman Farm Sand and Gravel Properties, Columbus, OH (Mining Assessment – Sand and Gravel Reserves)
Houston, Marek & Griffin, LLP, Victoria, TX (Wetlands and Oil-Field Contamination Assessment – Brine Assessment)
IMC Global, Inc., New Orleans, LA (Phase II – Ground-Water Contamination Assessment – Solvent and BTEX)
International Paper, GCO Minerals Div., Houston, TX (Coal and Other Mineral Assessments)
Jefferson Land Company, Beaumont, TX (Oil & Gas Production- Preliminary ESA)
Johnson Ferguson, Pipkin & Phillips, Houston, TX (Phase II – Dry Cleaner Contamination Assessment – Solvent)
Jon J. Pepe Consulting Engineers, Inc., Houston, TX (Water-Supply Assessment)
Jones Day, Houston, TX (Water Supply Assessment)
Kaneb Services, Inc., Houston, TX (Mining Assessment – Base Metals)
Kleberg and Head, Houston, TX (Ground-Water Contamination Assessment – BTEX and Solvent)
Lake City Bank, Waisau (ESA-Phase I)
Law Engineering & Environmental, Inc., Houston, TX (ESAs, Water-Supply Assessments, and Mining Assessments)
Lawrence Livermore Labs, Livermore (Bayou Choctaw Salt Dome Assessment)
Lazy M Ranch, Houston, TX (Mining Assessment – Sand and Gravel Reserves and Lease Assessment)
Lee Brass USA, Inc, Scinton (ESA Phase II – Lead Contamination in Water Supply)
Lee Smart Cook, Martin & Patterson, Seattle, WA (Water Supply Contamination – E. coli)
Locke Liddell & Sap LLP, Houston, TX (ESA Phase II – Dry Cleaners Assessment – Solvents)
Marine Midland Bank, New York, NY (Coal Project Assessment)
McKinney, Stringer & Webster, P. C., Tulsa, OK (ESA Phase II – Contamination Assessment – Solvent)
Meadowcreek Utility District, Fort Bend County, TX (Water Well Casing Failure Assessment)
Merchants Trucking, Inc., Houston, TX (Superfund Project Assessment – BTEX and Solvent)
Mestena Uranium LLC, Mestena Grande Projects, South Texas (NI 43-101 Report)
Michael Campana Law Offices, Houston, TX (Well Failure, Geological Conditions & Water Supply Assessment)
Millican Oil Company, Houston, TX (Geothermal Prospect Assessment, Dixie Valley, Nevada)
Minexa Arizona, Inc., Dallas, TX (Minerals Assessment)
Mobil Oil, Dallas, TX (ESA-Phase Is and Phase IIs)
MUD 44, North Houston, TX (Water Supply Assessment)
Norse Petroleum, Inc., (Mining Assessment and Project Management – Gold and Silver)
Norse Windfall Mines, Ins., Eureka, NV (Mining Assessment – Gold and Silver)
Ohio State University, Water Resources Div., Columbus, OH (Brine Contamination of Water Supply in Morrow County, Ohio)
Oklahoma Power & Light Corp. (Minerals Assessment – Uranium)
Omega Energy Corporation, Beckley (Mining Assessment – Uranium)
Phillips Petroleum (Sweeny Refinery), Brazosport (Ground-Water Contamination Assessment – BTEX and Solvent)
Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville (Oil Shale Project Assessment)
Preston Gates & Ellis LLP, Los Angeles, CA (Water Well Casing Failure Assessment)
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Raleigh, NC (Water-Supply Development)
River Farms Gardens, Sacramento, CA (ESA-Phase I Management – Brine)
Safety-Kleen Systems, Pasadena & Missouri City, TX (Phase II – Contamination Assessments and Remediation – Solvent)
Shell Oil, Greensboro (ESAs – Phase Is and Phase IIs – BTEX)
Shell Oil, Houston, TX (ESA – Phase IIs and Remediation – BTEX)
Smyser, Kaplan & Veselka, LLP, Houston, TX (Mining Assessment – Sand and Gravel)
Sorrell, Anderson, Lehrman & Ridulful, LLP, San Antonio, TX (Shallow Ground Water – Solvent)
Squadron Ellenoff Plesent and Sheinfeld, Washington, D.C. (ESA Phase II – Lead Contamination)
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP, Cleveland, OH (Superfund Assessment)
Steelhammer & Miller, P. C., Houston, TX (Mining Assessment – Gold Mining)
Stern, Miller & Higdon, LLC, Houston, TX (Assessment of Previous Phase I ESA)
Strasburger and Price, LLP, San Antonio, TX (Assessment of Oil Field Contamination of Ground Water – BTEX and Brine)
Strategic Minerals plc, London, England (Independent Assessment of the Iron Glen Project, NE Queensland, Australia for AIM)
Strunk Insurance Company, San Antonio, TX (ESAs – Phase Is and IIs)
Terra Technologies-Southwest, Inc., TX, WY (Phase II – CPT Investigations at RCRA, UST, and Superfund sites)
Texaco, Inc., Houston, TX (ESAs – Phase Is and Phase IIs)
Texas Eastern, Inc., Houston, TX (Phase I Natural Resources Assessment in Sudan – Uranium, Gold, Base Metals)
Three Lakes Water Production, Inc., Houston, TX (Water-Supply Contamination – BTEX)
Tribble & Richardson, Inc., Macon (Landfill Assessment)
U. S. Department of Energy, (Assessment of groundwater issues)
U. S. Department of Energy, (Oak Ridge Consolidated Universities: Groundwater Modeling and Policy Review)
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (OWWR), Washington, D.C. (EPA Guidance Document Production)
U. S. Corps. Engineers, New Orleans, LA (Bryan’s Mound Salt Dome Assessment)
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Drinking Water Office, Washington, D. C. (EPA Guidance Document)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New York, NY (Ground-Water Program Assessment)
United Nations Economic, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris, France (Ground-Water Program)
United Nuclear Corporation, Teton Exploration Group, Casper, WY (Minerals Assessment – Uranium)
Versar, Inc., Washington, D. C. (EPA Guidance Document Production – BTEX and Solvents)
Wachovia Bank, NC (Phase I ESAs)
Wishbone Gold, plc (Independent assessment of company’s mineral exploration projects in Australia and elsewhere))
Waste District Management, Inc., Houston, TX (Water-Supply Contamination)
White and Williams, LLP, Cleveland, OH (Assessment of Previous Industrial Dumping Site)
White Industries, Cleveland, OH (Superfund Assessment)

Other Confidential Clients, Engaged for Purposes of Potential Mergers and/or Acquisitions.

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