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Bias Media Report Up-Dated in the Journal of Geology and Geoscience

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H.,  EVP and Chief Geologist / Chief Hydrogeologist of I2M Associates/Consulting, M. David Campbell, P.G., VP and Senior Program Manager of I2M, and Henry M. Wise, P.G., Senior Remediation Specialist, of SWS Services, in the Houston, Texas area, all of whom are affiliated with the AAPG’s Energy Minerals Division’s Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth) Committee, have re-published their popular paper on media bias against uranium recovery and nuclear power development in the new, international Journal of Geology and Geoscience. The pre-publication version is available now (here).

The journal editors encouraged the I2M team to publish an up-dated version of the paper that now connects to the I2M Web Portal. This will provide a broader audience to the issues discussed in the paper.

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Richard Bost Leaving I2M Associates, LLC to Focus on His New Companies Based in Waller County.

2018 Notice: Should you need to contact Richard Bost, he no longer communicates through the I2M facilities because he is operating through his new companies at his offices in Waller County (713-417-0710). At some point in the coming months, information on Mr. Bost will no longer be available through the I2M website, but his information will be available through Mr. Bost’s new company website(s). We at I2M wish Mr. Bost the best in his new endeavors.

In the meantime, I2M continues as before in offering geological and hydrogeological services for mining and environmental projects, whereas Mr. Bost focuses on his strong points involving sociological services and environmental engineering projects on soil contamination that do not involve the underlying geological or hydrogeological conditions, which are evaluated, managed, and assessed by the personnel involved in I2M Associates, LLC, based in Houston and in I2M Consulting, LLC based in Seattle, Washington.

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I2M Team Produces Another Paper: An Anatomy of a Case of Brine Occurrence in Shallow Groundwater of North-Central Ohio, USA

The I2M team led by Chief Hydrogeologist, Michael D. Campbell, C.P.G., P.G., P.H., and supported by M. David Campbell, P.G., VP and Senior Program Manager; Roger W. Lee, Ph.D., P.G., I2M’s Senior Geochemical Associate; and by Glen A. Collier, C.P.G., P.G., Senior Hydrogeologist of Hydrex Environmental, LLC in Nacogdoches, Texas have collaborated to produce the paper published by the Journal of Geology and Geoscience, London entitled:

“Anatomy of a Case of Elevated Chloride in the Shallow Black Hand Sandstone Providing Rural Drinking Water Supplies in North-Central Ohio, USA: Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Characterization by Major and Minor Elements, and δ2H, δ18O, δ13C and Tritium (3H) Isotopes.”
Authors pre-publication copy (here).

Summary Abstract: Elevated chloride concentrations (>250 mg/l) were reported to the Ohio State Environmental Protection Agency in the early 2000s by a rural resident using groundwater for domestic consumption from a private water well. An adjacent commercial oil and gas pipe yard had spread relatively small volumes of oilfield brines from 1998 through 2000 to control dust during summers and to de-ice on the property driveways; county and state agencies used halite and other brines on surrounding rural county and state highways during the winter. There are multiple sources in the immediate area that might have contributed to local groundwater by varying degrees, resulting in elevated chloride concentrations reported in the samples from the […]

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An Update: Nuclear Power and Uranium Markets, Ownership and Uranium One

This is a brief update published by the Journal of Geology and Geoscience and produced by I2M’s Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., Henry M. Wise, P.G. (of SWS Environmental Services, LLC), and I2M’s M. David Campbell, P.G. since the 2017 Annual Report from the Chair, Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth) Committee of the Energy Mineral Division (AAPG) was released April 1, 2017. Some 99 nuclear power plants in the U.S. remain in operation, a few are scheduled for retirement, two new reactors are being built in Georgia. Japan is slowly upgrading and re-starting its fleet of nuclear power plants after Fukushima. China is rapidly building some 25 new plants and hundreds more are planned, along with financially underwriting the construction of more than 40 projects in joint ventures with other countries.

Russia too is building new nuclear plants at home, and they are testing a “fast breeder” design that consumes most waste. Russia is building nuclear plants on behalf of other countries as well, and providing financing in competition with China. India has turned to nuclear to ramp up electricity production to match population growth rates and is also working on “fast breeder” designs. Other countries are also building nuclear plants funded from a variety of sources. For the details on the above topics and more, see: (more).

The discussions on the above […]

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I2M’s David Campbell Releases the New I2M Web Portal

M. David Campbell, P.G., I2M’s Vice President and Senior Program Manager, announced today the release of the new and improved I2M Web Resource Portal. It has all of the previous 5,000 resources, plus current resources. It now has intelligent phrase search capability and has been online since 2009. It is also designed for mobile devices and is much faster than the previous version hosted on Cloud servers.

The I2M Web Portal consists of topical selections that are strongly influenced by the interests of I2M management, Associates, and Clients, made available as a public service to other geoscientists, and the discerning general public. The topical coverage is illustrated in the graphic provided (here).

Historical search summaries can now be obtained with phrase searches on such topics as the development of small nuclear reactors (e.g., using the term: SMR, and by filtering for sequential date or relevance), developments of particular uranium properties and associated mines (e.g., use Mestena Mine), and on new environmental methods and remedial solutions to managing difficult contaminants (e.g., using term recalcitrant).

An Index to the subjects covered are listed on the Home page under major and subcategory category headings, while the most recent entries (last 90 days) are available on the What’s New page. Additional information about the web portal is available at About this Portal.

I2M Associates personnel also monitor hazardous […]

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I2M Team Publishes Paper on Gold and Silver Mining Potential in North Vietnam

Members of the the I2M Natural Resources Group (consisting of Michael D. Campbell, I2M’s EVP and Chief Geologist, Roger W. Lee, I2M’s Senior Associate, and M. David Campbell, I2M’s VP and Senior Mining Geologist, just published a paper in the Journal of Geology and Geoscience in London on the mining potential southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam in the Đồi Bù District, Hòa Bình Region (here). The area was visited during January, 2014. The key conclusions of the assessment were that subject area has not been explored in any detail for many decades. The Chinese (pre-1900s), and then later the French (pre-1960s), conducted basic reconnaissance and produced the early maps of the area. During the 1960s and 1970s, the USSR explored the area in some detail via outcrop sampling programs and some drilling, but many sites within the area of interest remain poorly investigated and untested. The general area has received only superficial investigation to date of the obvious fracture zones and associated shallow geological structures. Since the late 1980s, the Vietnamese Geological Survey and associated universities have undertaken the systematic assembly and cataloging of all available geological, geophysical, and mining information on the reported minerals present in Vietnam, almost all of which is in Vietnamese.

Based on the samples taken from outcrop, evaluated, and tested at an international laboratory, the authors […]

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I2M’s Chief Geologist Appointed to Editorial Board of Journal of Geology and Geoscience Based in London: Editorial

Michael D. Campbell, I2M’s Chief Geologist and Chief Hydrogeologist, has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the new Journal of Geology and Geoscience, based in London. Their first volume will be published in the near future.

The Editor-in-Chief, Mark Angelo, has asked each Board member to prepare an editorial expressing their expectations for the new journal. Mr. Campbell’s editorial is now available (here).

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Campbell Recognized as a 2017 Recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s EVP and Chief Geologist, has been recognized as a 2017 recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (Letter). Although listings in such publications as Who’s Who in America, etc. no longer have the distinction they once had before the Internet, today such recognition harkens back to earlier years of activities, although Mr. Campbell continues to contribute to his fields of endeavor (i.e., environmental and mining) for his work with clients (here), professional society involvement (here), and in publications (here) and other activities throughout the world (here).

Thinking of what such recognition meant to Mr. Campbell now many years ago, we are pleased for Mr. Campbell and trust that he will continue to contribute to I2M and to the geosciences for many years to come.

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I2M-Sponsored Report on Growth Faulting and Subsidence in Houston, Texas Area Just Passed 1,000 Views

According to, as of this date, the publication has been reached by 1,000 interested persons through that venue in the Houston area and in counties up and down the Gulf Coast (more), but readership also includes Arizona, and California where similar problems exist, and in some 48 countries, including China, Russia, India, many African countries and others where over-pumping of groundwater from unconsolidated and consolidated sediments exist along with similar geological conditions where growth faulting is a dominant structural feature within soft sediments.

The report is titled:  Growth Faulting and Subsidence in the Houston, Texas Area – A Guide to the Origins, Relationships, Hazards, Potential Impacts, and Methods of Investigation (more). Three updates have been incorporated. See internal link to August, 2015 Update.

The authors, led by I2M’s  Michael D. Campbell, P.G., C.P. G. P.H, and supported by M. David Campbell, P.G., Henry M. Wise, P.G., C.P.G., and Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G. are pleased by the significant interest demonstrated by the readership of the Guide to date.

During the mid-1990s, the Institute of Environmental Technology (IET), consisting of associates of the Environmental Litigation Associates (ELA) and other senior environmental professionals in the Houston area, taught a 4-month program designed to cross-train professional refugees from a depressed oil and gas industry for the purpose of finding employment […]

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Campbell Presents UCOM Report Summary to EMD Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Chief Geologist / Chief Hydrogeologist, presented a summary on April 1 of the 2017 Annual Report of the Uranium (Nuclear and REE) Committee to the Energy Minerals Division’s Annual Meeting of the Executive Committee, Commodity Chairs, and guests during the AAPG Conference & Exhibition in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Campbell is Chair of the UCOM. The full report is now available (here).

A number of the I2M Associates are members of the UCOM Advisory Group, i.e., Roger W. Lee, Ph.D., P.G.James L. Conca, Ph.D.David Rowlands, Ph.D., P.G.; and Samuel B. Romberger, Ph.D. […]

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