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I2M Associates, LLC Changes Hands

I2M CEO and President, Jeffrey D. King, P.G., has announced in Seattle this morning that he is retiring and has sold his interests in I2M Associates, LLC to I2M Associate, Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G. in Houston, Texas. Mr. Bost retired a few years ago as a Senior Partner and Officer of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and played a significant role in ERM’s expansion internationally over the past 25 years, becoming the world’s largest privately held environmental consultancy.

Mr. Bost is a graduate of Rice University in environmental engineering (and was named Rice’s Outstanding Engineering Alum of the Year in 2002). He is well known in the environmental and geotechnical engineering industry in the U.S. (more). Mr. Bost has assumed a leadership role in I2M Associates, LLC effective today, and is contemplating a significant expansion of I2M activities into large environmental planning and remediation projects and related fields throughout the U.S. and in international due-diligence projects, along with maintaining current litigation support in the U.S., and mineral and mining assessments in various sectors of the world.

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I2M’s Web Resource Portal Just Passed 4,000 Entries with 219 Categories in Database.

I2M’s Web Resource Portal just passed 4,000 entries (resources, reports, media, etc,) under 219 categories. The milestone was reach by the input from I2M staff and associates from around the world. The input for the last 30-days (here). For the catalog index (here). For a description of the web portal (here). Top 10 Categories and Distribution (more).

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Campbell Presents at Houston Geological Society’s Engineering and Environmental Group Dinner Meeting

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Chief Geologist / Chief Hydrogeologist gave a 90-minute presentation on independent assessments of mineral resources and associated environmental issues during the dinner meeting of the Houston Geological Society’s Engineering and Environmental Group in Houston, Texas. The presentation discussed mineral deposits in Australia (gold, uranium, phosphate, and potash), Vietnam (gold), Texas (uranium), and Alaska (uranium, thorium, and rare earths). For those of you who could not attend the meeting, here is a PDF of the presentation slides (more). The abstract and biography are (here).

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Campbell Presents Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth Minerals) Committee’s 2015 Mid-Year Report

As Chair of the Committee on Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth Minerals) of the Energy Minerals Division (AAPG), and I2M’s Chief Geologist/Principal Hydrogeologist, Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., presented the Committee’s 2015 Mid-Year Report by teleconference during the Division’s Mid-Year meeting (more).

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Chapter Published in the “Unconventional Energy Resources: 2015 Review” in the Journal of Natural Resources Research

Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Chief Geologist/Principal Hydrogeologist and Chair, EMD Uranium (and Nuclear and Rare Earth Minerals) Committee, and James R. Conca, Ph.D., Member of the Advisory Group of the EMD Uranium (and Nuclear and Rare Earth Minerals) Committee have just published a chapter in the “Unconventional Energy Resources: 2015 Review” in the Journal of Natural Resources Research, Vol. 24, No.4, December, entitled: “Energy Competition in the Uranium, Thorium, and Rare Earth Industries in the U.S. and the World,” summarized and updated from the 2015 Annual Report of the EMD Uranium (and Nuclear and Rare Earth Minerals) Committee, pp. 450-458, Internet Access November 30, 2015 via (here).

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Campbell Receives National AIPG Section Leadership Award

Henry M. Wise, P.G., C.P.G., President, AIPG Texas Section and Rima Petrossian, Ph.D., P.G., C.P.G., Vice-President, Western Texas, announced that I2M’s Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., C.P.G. has been selected to receive the National AIPG Section Leadership Award for his efforts to:

  1. re-activate the Texas Section of the AIPG,
  2. maintain the AIPG-TX website presence via son David’s management through the years of inactivity,
  3. expand the website’s coverage and usefulness to the members of the Section, and
  4. pursue other Section-building activities in his role of Vice-President, Eastern Texas.

The formal presentation was made at the AIPG Annual Business Luncheon held in Anchorage, Alaska on September 18 (more).

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I2M Supporting Mineral Exploration and Mining Opportunities in Vietnam

Jeffrey D. King, P.G., I2M’s President and CEO also announced this afternoon at the Seattle office that I2M is supporting Vietnam by providing technical advice and investigations on existing mining and exploration projects (more). I2M, in cooperation with Mr. Oliver Massmann, General Director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC. (more), will be discussing mineral exploration and mining opportunities in Vietnam with the government and international companies regarding the country’s widely under explored and undeveloped natural resources as well as environmental issues currently impacting the country’s groundwater resources.

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Scott Cameron Appointed New I2M Senior Associate

Jeffrey D. King, P.G., I2M’s President and CEO announced this morning at the Seattle office that he has appointed a new Senior Associate to the existing group of I2M Associates. Mr. Scott Cameron, B.Sc., and B. Env.Sc. (Honors) will serve as a Senior Environmental Associate, based in Houston, Texas. He has extensive experience in Australia and China on water resources protection projects and will support I2M’s environmental and mining-related projects in the U.S. and throughout the world (here).

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I2M Web Portal Approaching 4,000 citations / 219 categories in Database

The I2M Resource Web Portal is approaching 4,000 citations within 219 categories. Emphasis is on environmental and mining, consisting of current state of the industry topics concerning precious metals, base metals, rare-earth elements, and on uranium, thorium, and energy source selection (nuclear power industry and renewables). For what’s new in the past 30-days, see (more), and for overall coverage, see (more).

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“Environmental, Health, and Property Damage Issues Raised by Litigants Opposing Hydraulic Fracturing and Oil and Gas Production in Texas”

I2M’s Richard C. Bost, P.E., P.G., Senior Associate for Environmental Engineering, and Michael D. Campbell, P.G., P.H., I2M’s Principal Hydrogeologist just completed a paper entitled: Environmental, Health, and Property Damage Issues Raised by Litigants Opposing Hydraulic Fracturing and Oil and Gas Production in Texas, which is to be presented by Mr. Bost during the Gas Mexico Congress and Exhibition, GMC15 – 149, in Villahermosa, Mexico, September 28-29, 2015 (here).

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