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Mr. Bost served in the following adjunct professional function:

Mr. M. Campbell also serves in a variety of adjunct professional functions:

1. Served on various technical committees and editorial boards, i.e.,

2. Served The Institute of Environmental Technology (IET) as Principal Instructor – 1992 to 2010:

IET provided continuing technical support by offering a comprehensive source of technical information via the World Wide Web. This was recently updated and renamed as the I2M Web Portal. While the program was being presented, the IET was sponsored, in part, by Environmental Litigation Associates (ELA), to promote good science and engineering in training professionals for the principal purpose of minimizing unnecessary litigation. IET also provided specialized training programs for M.U.D. personnel, attorneys and related staff.

3. Served Environmental Litigation Associates (ELA) as Principal Hydrogeologist – 1997 to 2006 (2001 Meeting of Principals (Here)).

Over the years since the inception of ELA, Mr. Campbell served in an association with a number senior scientists and engineers that provided litigation support and expert-witness testimony to industry and the legal community. The disciplines and services offered by Mr. Campbell and the other ELA Principals included:

Mr. King served in the following adjunct professional function:

Mr. David Campbell serves the following adjunct professional functions:

  1. Serves as Special Consultant to the AAPG Energy Minerals Division’s Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) Committee.
  2. Serves as an Editor and Webmaster of the AIPG-TX,
  3. Designed and Built the I2M Web Portal.
  4. Serves as Founder and Director of, Inc.

Mr. Ruffin Rackley serves in the following adjunct professional function:

Dr. William H. Tonking (Deceased) served in the following adjunct professional function:

I2M-Sponsored Activities: I2M Personnel Involved & Function

I2M Web Portal: Editors: M. D. Campbell and M. David Campbell

Growth Faulting and Subsidence in Houston Area: Authors: M. D. Campbell, M.David Campbell, and R. C. Bost

Confronting Media and other Bias against Uranium Exploration and Mining, Nuclear Power, and Associated Environmental Issues, by I2M’s Natural Resources Group, led by M. D. Campbell

AIPG Texas Section: M. D. Campbell, Officer; M. David Campbell, Webmaster.

Uranium (Nuclear and Rare Earth) Minerals Committee of the Energy Minerals Division (AAPG):
M. D. Campbell, Chair; R. Lee, Advisory Board; J. Conca, Advisory Board; and D. Rowlands. Advisory Board

Renewable Energy Committee of the Energy Minerals Division (AAPG): R. C. Bost, Chair

I2M Interns:

Zhiruo (Amber) Zhou, M.S. (Rice University)

John Graham Eldridge, B.A. (Rice University)

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project needs or to arrange a speaking engagement by one of our Associates for a professional training session, a technical conference, society meeting, or for a graduation ceremony or other function where the knowledge and experience of our Associates may be of interest to your group.

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